Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cold times

Fun Times

It's been a cold VERY cold past week in MN. And my sweet boys have had lots of cooped up energy. It was too cold to go outside. So I thought "Hmmm....what would be fun to do inside?"

How about a box house! We're just about done with finishing our basement, so we have big boxes! And little boys LOVE to make "play houses." And decorate them! 

Where are those boys?

There they are!! Troy looks a bit scared...holding onto his big bro. :) And Austin had this preschool friend over. They had so much fun!

How about some fingerpainting?
 It's fun to get messy....right?

           Troy wasn't sure about it at first, But....

 he seemed to REALLY enjoy it!

Austin on the other hand, played for a bit but then didn't want to get so messy. He was worried about his brother getting so messy.

I pretended I was going to get him. He didn't like that :)
"Nooo, Mama!"

"It sure is fun to make my Mommy laugh and put it in my hair!...

And it's really funny to put the bowl on my head!"
Next on the list...Bathtime!

And these boys love playing in their tent.
With tons of books and blankets.

SO happy!
Ready for a nap now :)