Friday, July 24, 2015

Cragun's Resort Summer '15

Such a fun trip we had 4th of July weekend. I told my hubby "Now this is our kind of a vacation." Cragun's resort had so much to offer for our kids. We were able to stay there and just walk down the path to eat and enjoy activities all day long. I highly recommend it to those with or without kids.  I'll recap some of our favorites from the trip!

We arrived around 6:00pm. The boys sure were happy to see that sign! I didn't get any pics of the outside of the resort but it was beautiful. Click HERE if you want to check it out. Think brown/white with turquoise accents and lots of beautiful bright pink flowing flowers. Gorgeous sight!

Here is one of the paths to follow.

Here's part of Gull lake and to the right is where we kept our boat on the dock.

Such a cozy feeling it had all around.  

The first evening there we got some food and hung out on the deck. Here are 2 of my handsome men :).

Here was one of the hungry birds ready for some fries. Troy had the BEST time feeding them and giggling like crazy because they chowed down a whole fry. Haha! It was fun entertainment!!

We got a bag of duck food for a quarter and had some fun feeding the ducks after. I love watching them so happy doing something so simple :)!

The next morning we had a delicious breakfast buffet. It was scrumptious!! And we got ready to do some boating and fishing. Gull lake is HUGE with so many areas to fish. The kids sure enjoyed the boat ride. Troy loves going fast! 

Austin was ready to get those fish! He had tons of bites in the beginning. We finally realized that his line was messed up. Once it was fixed, he was reeling in the sunnies and a nice bass. 

Happy fisherman!

This kid caught 2 bass right in a row and reeled them in all by his big self. Big brother was proud of him!

Bass #1
Bass #2

And Daddy caught a nice one, too! Great fishing on Gull lake.

Mama caught a little one! After my husband took the picture, he was like "You always do that face and hold the fish like that!" And now that I see "the face" he is 100% correct. It is just how I roll :) He tried to get me to hold the fish inside his lips but I just can't do it. Not, yet anyways.

We played on the beach for awhile. Frisbee was a favorite. The kids swam and swam some more. We even met some sweet friends.

This cutie pie fell asleep. 

Time for some walking and supper. 

And playing pool. The boys were taught how to play by Dad. And Austin really enjoyed himself. The indoor pool was also in this giant room. 

After supper we went to the rec room. And it was huge! The upstairs "deck" had a running area. Troy and I ran around twice and were tired out afterwards. I was thinking that so many "firsts" were on the trip. Austin's first time playing pool, tennis and volleyball by the beach. 

The next day, July 4th, the big boys did some golfing in the morning. The resort package included a 9 hole course for each of us. But since the rest of us weren't interested, Billy and Austin did the 9 hole twice and had a total blast together. They even rented a golf cart. 

We went to the beach which also had a playground in the sand. And I had the most beautiful view :). 

Then we went to the outdoor pool when they opened. There was a kiddie pool that was just right for little kids. 

That afternoon we signed up for the horse-trolley ride. The "driver" was so sweet to talk to and has been giving these rides for many many years. He said he has a farm and loves his horses. He even gave out suckers to the kids on the ride. Such a nice man. 

We had reservations for supper at the Hungry Gull Restaurant. We told Austin he could  order anything that he wanted. He chose.....the Walleye. Most expensive thing on the menu :). And he was a champ because he ate the entire thing. I didn't even get a try. The food was amazing and the service was spot on. 

It was the street dance in the evening. Austin and I noticed the sumo wrestling suits! He wanted to do it bad. So, like a good Mother, I did it with him. :) It was so much more difficult to get into the suits than I imagined. But with some extra help we were ready. 

They went down the inflatable slide over and over. 

And loved every second of it. 

After we played beach volleyball Austin put the suit on again with someone his size. Troy was laughing because Austin fell down. And he might have also jumped on his big brother, again. And afterwards Austin said "It didn't count" because he was in the suit. :) Brothers.

The fireworks that night were gorgeous and so close! We sat in a big field and were handed out a TON of glow sticks. It was a beautiful night. 

The next morning we had a yummy breakfast and headed home. 

Such fun memories together! :)


Saturday, July 11, 2015

Some of my favorites!

This is a little lengthy but I've had so many favorites lately! :) It is hard to believe that we're into the second week of July. My-oh-my where has the time gone. It sure has been a blast so far!

 Hope you've had a great week and are ready for an awesome weekend!!

I'm linking up with Erika for...
1.) Up first is this super special photo. The other morning my oldest said he didn't think I could lift him anymore. I use to carry that big boy all over the place when he was younger. I told him I could and I'd prove it...with Troy as well. #yesmom 

So this picture right here will forever be a favorite of mine because it possibly will be the last time I can carry them both. Such happy smiles they have!

2.) I just ordered this shake mix from Juice Plus. It is THE most delicious shake I've ever tasted! If you'd like to find out more info about it you can comment below and I'll get back to you. I also got the vanilla flavor. For a yummy smoothie I mix 1 cup skim milk, 1 scoop of the shake mix, 1 ice cube, 1/2 banana and a small handful of spinach. And a delicious n' healthy shake is born! :) You can't even taste the spinach at all. 

3.) This past weekend we were at a beautiful resort. I'm working on a recap of our vacay to post soon :). I snapped this photo around 9:30 am while my husband and oldest were golfing for the morning. These 2 had the most fun playing on the beach. I just loved watching them! 

4.) I made this scrumptious little snack/dessert the other day and it was extremely simple. I just cut up 2 bananas in small slices, drizzled melted peanut butter and chocolate syrup on top and completed it with sprinkled granola on top. That all goes on wax paper and then into the freezer for a couple hours. 

Yummy! And by the way this particular granola is also amazing in Greek yogurt. It's the Caramel Apple flavor. It even has chunks of carmel :). Such a good lil treat!

5.) We got the chance to have my pretty niece overnight one day last week. She is such a sweetheart!! And definitely a blessing to be around. Our first stop was Walmart to get some treats and pick out a fun movie at the Redbox. The next day we went on a bike ride, painted, did a craft and the kids went swimming. Such a fun time!!

6.) This picture might not look like anything particularly special but it is an image I forever want to remember. My oldest son practicing his bow earlier this morning as he does sometimes. He is passionate in so much and I am very proud of him. The other part of the photo is his sweet audience watching encouraging him. They were so happy to just watch him get a bull's eye. I thank God for simple reminders like this that life is so precious and sweet. 

7.) We also got the chance to have 2 of my nephews overnight one day. Those boys had such a blast at the beach, playing football, frisbee, tag at the park and swimming. It makes me so very grateful to have cousins for my kiddos to play with and be close with.

8.) These girls here are some of the sweetest friends!! It sure is nice to be able to catch up, have some laughs and make memories together. We went to a delicious Mexican restaurant for supper. The chicken chimi's were heavenly! 

Happy Friday to you!!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Some random favorites!

This Friday is extra special because I get to spend it with my sweet family on a little get away!

While I write this they're all sleeping and I'm up thinking about all the fun we are going to have...or rather brainstorming how we will fit everything we want to do in ;) Lots to do and little time!

I'm linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals for...
During this vacay I plan on reading this amazing book below. "One thousand gifts" By: Ann Voskamp. My sister got me this life changing book for my birthday and I can't even tell you the many times I saw it at the store and was going to buy it. And boy am I happy she got it for me because it is a Life.Changer. For real! I am loving it... Favorite!

Mystery tackle box and Lucky tackle boxes. These are my favorite new monthly subscriptions for my boys. The assortment and quality of the goodies is fantastic. Austin is absolutely thrilled when he sees it has arrived. #likefatherlikeson

Nordstrom's customer service is a favorite! I had recently ordered a cute striped tee but after wearing it once noticed a small hole. I called and with few questions they're asking me to return it for a full refund! Awesome!! Although I really did like the shirt :) and wished the quality was better.

Young living lemon drops in my water! Fave all the way! It tastes great and gives me some extra energy. I want to try the lime and orange, too! I even brought the lemon with so I could put it in my water on vacay!

Bike rides with my kids! We take almost a daily bike ride and how fun it is to enjoy God's beauty outside and in my kiddo's faces! Especially when Troy wanted to stop for a "giant blow flower!" And he carried that weed all the way home so he could blow it! Love that kid and his joy for life!!

Have a very happy weekend celebrating The 4th of July!

Jamie :)