Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Funnies

So, if you don't know this already, I have sweet & silly boys! 

They love-love-love to make me laugh. 

And sometimes, things are said that aren't even meant to be funny

And I love it ;)

Here are some funnies for your Friday!


A: "Mom, what does 'cream' mean??" 
--After he heard the word on a movie about someone beating someone in a race. 
I explain...
A (in a super excited tone):" Mom, If there's a race, can I use your car and cream everyone?!" 
By the way, I do not have a fast race car or anything like that. But, to him, maybe I do? :)

Oh, Austin, you're cute!!

A: "Troy! You get to go to school today big boy! Are you excited!!
T: "Ya."
A: Troy, if you go on a field trip, Mom and me can go, IF I can get the day off from school." 
Such a great big bro who was so excited for T boy to start preschool. And who was excited to possibly miss a day of school ;)

Here's them that morning. Right after Troy woke up and walked into the kitchen.

A: " What's my nickname?"
Me: "Well, I guess we call you Austin. You could be Austy or Willy?"
A: "I want my name to be Mark." (Which is my Dad's name)
Me: "Oh, okay. That's a nice name. 
A: "I want my name to be a Bible name."

He then decided to be called "Paul" after discussing all of the names in the Bible.

Too precious!

I was cleaning up Troy's mess after he was finished eating lunch. 
A: "It's like your Troy's slave or something. Always cleaning up his messes!!"


Supper was over and we were getting ready for bed. Austin was having a hard time because he wanted to play WII or wrestle or something like that. 
A (in a loud, frustrated voice): "You always have to make these 
Me: "Pies? I don't make pies for supper."
A: " YES, you do....CHICKEN POT PIESSSS!!"

Haha! Oh that kid is hilarious. That night he went to sleep quickly, he was exhausted. 

Do you know what this is... down there?

Troy's face looked exactly like mine. "What are you making?"

Well, It's a leprechaun trap. Of course ;)

Austin was into "trapping them" after the leprechaun's messed up his kindergarten classroom while he was at recess. 

There was gold in that cup. Because that's what attracts them. 
We had several little traps around our house. 
Austin is very creative. 

This was Troy boy after grocery shopping. He was tired out and wanted to lay down in the cart. So, I had to put the grocery bags all around him. He was a little squished but he didn't mind one little bit.

Austin has really been into Mine craft. His cousins have it on the tablets. So almost every day he wants me to download it on my phone. But, since I have so many pics on it (and because it's only has 3gb memory) I tell him that I don't think I can download it. 
Today...was ANOTHER snow day! :) 
And this morning A was determined to get it on my phone to play.
A: "Can you put Mine craft on your phone?"
Me: "I think I have too many pictures on my phone. There's not enough room to download it."
A: "Okay, I have a plan. Just delete all the pictures that have no smiles."

Hmmm...You have a great strategy there little boy.
I did just that. And he now a happy little camper building buildings and smashing down walls and stuff. 

Happy Funny Friday to you!

Jamie :)

Friday, March 28, 2014

T-I-M-E with the kiddos

Kids mostly just want our time

That's really it.

"Be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time."
-Ephesians 5:15-16

I've been doing "The Love Dare for Parents" and there's a day devoted to time with your kids.

And I'll admit that, sometimes, I look at my phone too fast. Like when I hear that I have received a text message. But lately, I've been putting my phone on silent and putting it away. So, that I can't hear it or see it. Especially after Austin gets home after school. 

So, when Austin asked me to read his comic book to him the other day...I said "Yes" 

(Yes, I will read it even though it gives me bit of a headache because the print is so teeny tiny and I have no idea what kind of language they are talking in nor do I know how to read some of the words.)

I didn't say that additional stuff to him, of course, just the yes.

Welcome to the land of "Ninjago." 

You're welcome ;).

And he loved that I read it to him! Time spent cuddling together and reading. Because, to be honest, he asks me a lot for me to read his comic books. And I'd usually say "No", "Not now", "later." I was glad to make him happy which made me happy.

And here was a day that I was pre-occupied with cleaning up at home in preparation for company when my sweet 3 year old wanted me to stop and play "Magformers" with him.

We had such a fun time! First he wanted the "map"=directions. 

Then he looked so serious while he was "reading" them. He wanted to build a tower like his big bro had the days before.

"Mom, I want to make that!"

He was all "WOW" and amazed that he did that!

Great job, Troy boy! :)

But I also want to spend my time wisely by teaching him about God's love for him. 

"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and will all your strength. 
These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. Impress them on our children. 
Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up."
-Deuteronomy 6:5-7

I love those verses! We can talk about God any time of the day. We don't need to set the perfect tone and time for it. Anytime is a good time. When we're in the car I'll talk about God and his goodness. Or when we see an ambulance I'll tell the kids that we should pray for whomever is hurt. When we are sick I will pray out loud that the Lord would heal us and I will not forget to give thanks to Him when we are healthy, too. While we are lying in bed I will tell the kids that we are so blessed to have a warm home, comfortable bed and food to eat.

Have a super awesome weekend! It's going to warm up here in MN! Woot Woot! :)

Jamie :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Top 3 from the past weekend

Tuesday's Top 3

1.) Friday was the "Bye Bye Blanket" party! 

Last week while I was looking at my son's sweet & beloved "Blanks" (blanket), I thought to myself that I need to pack it away so it doesn't get any more worn down. I mean, that blanket has been with him since birth! It makes me kinda teary thinking about it. I want to save it so he can have it when he's older....or I can cuddle with it when he goes off to college. More tears. He brought that blanket everywhere! Everywhere. To Church because he would have a total breakdown when we'd bring him to Sunday School because he just wanted to be with Mommy & Daddy. The Sunday School teachers were so kind and compassionate when we'd have to leave him and let him cry a little...with his blanket. Blanket went to the Adventure Park and he actually layed down with it on one of the mats to take a pretend nap. That thing went on a Carribean cruise to see the ocean and to South Dakota. Grocery stores, Walmart, Target, friend's houses, Grandparent's houses, everywhere. You name it, that blanket was there :). 

He especially loved the monkey corner, which is why now that corner is almost non-existent.

He let Troy have a corner of it when he visited his new baby brother in the hospital.

Hiding in the drawer with the blanket.

So onto the par-tay!

I went simple. He wanted gifts but I said no. Haha! I put some decorations up, we made some, I made white cupcakes with sprinkles & cocoa powder, the boys blew out candles, we ordered pizza from our favorite pizza restaurant and spent time as a fam. Perfect!

"B" was the theme :)

This monkey has gotten a LOT of love. And probably 2 years ago my precious Mom brought his blanket to her very talented seamstress to get it fixed up. You can tell by the stitching on the monkey's left arm. A loves his Nanny! 

You've mighta already noticed this but...T boy likes to be "Hulk" and wear no shirt and usually no pants, too. We are working on potty training (it's going well) so the no pants is actually kinda easy ;)
I choose my battles wisely. No clothes at home--fine, but clothes outside of home--yessss!

These cupcakes were very scrumptious with homemade cream cheese frosting! 

One last cuddle with the blanket. 
But to be totally honest...if he wants to have it for a night or just to see it, I will say "yes." 

And we played Skylanders with the figurines. I was the girl dragon :). Fun!

Celebrate the "Little things" which in the future were actually the BIG things ;)!

2.) Saturday was the Women's Connect Rally at Church. It was absolutely fantastic!! I went with one of my amazing friends, Abriel. We had the best time...Worshipping God, praying,  listening to a wonderful woman give her testimony and eatting at the "candy bar" (think gummy bears, skittles, tootsie rolls, Mike n' Ike's, kit kat bars--Yummy). We also attended a Connect session on "Who Do You See in the Mirror?" By: Marytina Lawrence and after had dessert. And this dessert was Strawberry cheesecake, it was one of the best I've ever had...I may have had 2 :). 

Abriel & I

I felt so grateful after I left. Grateful that God has trusted my husband and I to raise these wonderful children. Inspired to continue to teach them every single day of God's great love! Because in the end that is all that really matters. And I left feeling beautiful in and out because God created us beautiful. When He looks at us, He sees perfection. God is so good.

3.) Spending time with family on Sunday. My Mom & Dad are amazing!! I just adore them. We got the chance to visit some loved ones. And in the evening A & T went to a movie at the theatre with them. They had a blast! Family time rocks my world!

God Bless you,

Jamie :)

Friday, March 14, 2014

It's Friday!

The winner of "The Love Dare for Parents" is...

Congrats friend! I will send you a copy of the book asap. You're going to love it! xoxo!


Tonight we are having a "Bye Bye Blanket" party for my 5 year old! 
He's excited and so am I ;).

Here are some photos when he was a little cute toddler with his blanket! Awww!!
 It is so worn out now, which is why I want to put it away before the poor blanket is completely worn out. 

Little A is fast asleep holding onto the monkey. That monkey corner is his very favorite. Always has been. 

Visiting Great Uncle Lynn and lying in his bed with his blanket.

Picnic on his blanket!

I will definitely post more details about it next week. It is going to be one awesome party :). 

Celebrate little things that are actually the BIG things in life!

Tomorrow morning we are going to relax together as a fam. Maybe go to the Library. We are going on a vacay next month. So, I'd like to get some books about airplanes for the kids. That way we can talk about them, see pictures of planes and read about them. The last time we were on an airplane Austin was 2 years old and I was 20 weeks pregnant (I think). Anyways, Austin had a little bit of a hard time at first. The pilot was super sweet and let him come in the front of the plane to check it out. Pretty cool! We went on a cruise and it was a blast! Absolutely beautiful!

I have a Women's Connect Rally at Church tomorrow evening. I am beyond excited! There will be desserts, prizes,worship, prayer and small sessions. The topic is "Who I am in Christ." My dear friend & Mom are also coming. Woot Woot! I will also share a little about that next week. 

I hope you have some fun stuff planned for the weekend! I'd love to hear about it!!

Jamie :)