Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Favorites!

FRI-DAY has arrived friends!

This has been a fulfilling week. 

We've had a wonderful time celebrating birthdays 
and starting back up with Awana Cubbies and KidZone on Wednesdays.

Busy busy but oh so much fun! I love it!

I'm linking up this Friday with...

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Here we go!

This kid right down there I couldn't be more proud of! Troy is a great brother and an adorable little 3.5 year old! My heart swoons for him. He's enjoying PreK 3 days a week and is talking more and more. He's needed some extra help since 2 years old with speech therapy. When I hear him talk non-stop during the day I am extremely grateful to God for answering my prayers for him to start talking more. I could never get tired of listening to his sweet voice. Such a big boy!!

I'm loving my Young Living essential oils and diffuser. They are ahhhmazing!
 The "Thieves" oil is in my diffuser and smells very Fall-ish with its' cinnamony scent. 
And it's keeping my home clean and healthy. Even better! 

You can check them out HERE.

Do you use them? And if so, what kinds are your favorites?

I think I've said it before but I LOVE 98.5 KTIS! I listen to it very regularly and it is very uplifting. You can listen online HERE. Their Fall SHARE is going on right now. On my way to work I was so moved when there was a  young girl who had called in to tell them that a song on KTIS stopped her from taking her life. She realized that God has a good plan for her life. If I could meet that sweet girl, I'd give her a giant hug. 

Christian radio does that for many people, including myself. I remember listening to Blessings by Laura Story and feeling so touched knowing that sometimes healing does come through tears. I am very grateful for KTIS!

Be Blessed.
Jamie :)

Monday, September 15, 2014

The pursuit of happyness...

When you read that title are you thinking about this movie?

The Pursuit Of Happyness

Which, by the way, I thought was a very great movie! It's been a while since I watched it but I remember really enjoying it and feeling moved. I need to rent it again. 

Our service at Church yesterday got me to thinking about everyone being in the pursuit of HAPPYness. 

Being happy is what everyone really wants. I know it is something I want. But where we are getting our happiness is of most importance. 

I am going to talk about my happy shopping days (which are pretty rare these days :) ). I'd like to think that going to the wonderful smelling mall with all the amazing clothing choices made me happy then. 

When I would try on some super cute clothes and purchase them. To get home and take the tags off and try them on again. I'd be so excited to wear my new outfit to school. But the happiness of those new clothes would wear off and I'd want to go shopping again. That type of happiness is short lived.

I show you this photo below because that was one of my very favorite shirts from Abercrombie & Fitch. And I believe I got that shirt for Billy from Hollister. Which I will add he still has in our closet. Haha! The photo was from 2006... I think. Anyways, that shirt definitely shrunk up and I ended up giving it to the thrift store. 

Clothes shrink, go out of style, get too tight or too loose, they lose their "newness" after a couple of weeks. Therefore, the happiness wears off.

"Then he said to them, “Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions.” -Luke 12:15

My ULTIMATE happiness comes from my sweet Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. He fills me up with joy every single morning when I place my trust in Him. I knew Christ at a young age but my faith and relationship has grown so much deeper over the years. For that I am forever grateful. 

His love never shrinks, goes out of style, doesn't lose its' newness. It actually feels more new the deeper your relationship gets. I love it!!

My kids give me extreme joy as well. Their sweet and silly selves give me happiness. Children really are our gift from the Lord. 

"The joy of the Lord is your strength."—Nehemiah 8:10.

Jamie :)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

I Love Sundays!

I might have said it before but I'll say it over & over....

I just LOVE me a Sunday!

My husband is always off work on a Sunday and it is the very best thing having all my loved ones wake up in the morning together. :) It's a relaxing day for the most part.

I love our Church family. 
I love praise and worship at Church. 

I leave Church feeling completely filled to the rim with joy and it's a wonderful start to the busy week.

I also love Sundays because I know so many people are worshipping God as well. 
That makes me happy! 

And I know that God loves Sundays as they are the Sabbath day. 

"Observe the Sabbath day by keeping it holy as the Lord your God has commanded you."
-Deuteronomy 5:12

Happy Sunday!

Jamie :)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Favorites!

It's Friday again!  

I'm linking up again with these fun ladies...
for Friday Favorites.

Here we go 2 of my favorites episodes/movies I've watched this week...


I've been inspired, you all! :) In a great way!

I watched an episode of Tiny House Nation last night HERE.
Please watch their episode. I think you will be inspired as well!

Touring the Perfect Prairie Cottage

Ryan and Kim Kasl downsized their home big time for an amazing opportunity. 

The love this family has for each other is so evident. And they seriously are one of the sweetest families I know. I thought it was so inspiring because I think about the wonderful closeness a family is able to encounter by being in a 207 square foot home together.
 I am so excited for them.

Check out Kim's blog HERE.

 I was thinking about it last night while I was upstairs watching the episode on my computer as well as cleaning up the dining area. My kids were in different areas of the house. The future was brought to my mind... about one day when I will miss the times we are at home *close* together. My kids mean so much to me and I want to be the very best Mom possible. I want to be 100% present, too.

I also got to thinking about all the "stuff" we have. Bins of toys that are not played with and so many books. Last night Troy helped me get a bag of toys and books to donate. We need to clean up more as well. But you know the moment you start taking a toy no one has played with for months is the moment the child wants to play with it. Happen to you? :)

Tonight we are having a fun family night! I can't wait!


This week we rented & watched "Heaven is for Real." And I loved it! You can buy it HERE.

Tears were welling up in my eyes for most of the movie. All of the amazing talk about Heaven just made me have tears of joy. Heaven will be such a beautiful and wonderful place one day. I loved how vibrant the colors in Heaven were when Colton was there. 

It was a very well made movie. I enjoyed all of Austin's great questions during the movie, too. 

Check it out!

See ya!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Date night with my oldest son

School started for Austin last week. So this past Saturday I took full advantage of a free evening to spend with him. This past Monday my sweet Austin was sick at school with a fever. He stayed home yesterday and today and will be home tomorrow, too. Which makes me even more grateful that I got the chance to spend time with him last Saturday
I told him I was going to take him on a "Date night with Mom." 

He didn't like that title so he called it a "Fun night with Mom." 

Whatev, I'll still call it the Date night :)! Sweetness with my big boy.

I was brainstorming all sorts of things we could do...
-Go to the Ninja Turtle movie
-Go out to eat at Applebee's
-Get ice cream
-Go fishing

Then I thought that if it's a date night with A--I should let HIM decide what we are going to do. Am I right?

So he didn't want to go to the movie but wanted to go to DQ and get a chicken strip basket with their special toast. He is his Father's child...they both love that meal.

Unfortunately, the DQ in the town we were going to was not one that had the chicken strip basket. A was bummed but agreed to Culver's since they had some of the same things.

On our way there it was so nice just A and I in the car. I can't even remember the last time it was just us without the littles.  I mentioned to him that before Troy was born it was just us 3 (Austin, Daddy and I). all the time. We talked about when he was born and how excited we were to have a baby boy.

Topic of conversation during our, football, farts, school, pop and a secret. Haha!
 He talked nonstop and I LOVED it! It was so sweet just him and I. He's grown into such a handsome young man. 

We got some Concrete Mixers. Yummy! He got Reese's PB cup and I got a Pumpkin cheesecake one. So SO good!

He was opening up the door for some people because I try to teach him about being a gentleman. He asked if Daddy opens the doors for me. Ummm....sometimes :). 

We stopped at Gamestop to look at the Cabela's hunting games for the Wii. Winter is acoming and that's the time he likes to play the Wii. He has barely touched it since last Spring. We scored a game for $3.99. Niiice!

Before coming to Nanny's to pick up the little ones, we went fishing for a bit. No catches but I got some grand pointers from A. He really does know what he's doing. He can cast like a lie! :)

It brought us closer. I love him. I realized we need to do this way more often.

Jamie :)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Friday Favorites!

Helloooo friends! 

What a {fun and busy} week it has been! How about for you?

I'm linking up again with these sweet ladies...
for Friday Favorites.


This yogurt is totally delish! I love most yogurts but this one was so creamy and sweet... instant favorite! I love the Strawberry Rhubarb flavor and Raspberry (and probably all of them :) ).

If you go to their website HERE there's a coupon to print. Win!


This Clif Kid Z Bar in chocolate chip is awesome. 

Austin is a 1st grader so he brings his own snack every day. 

I was looking for an extra good snack that is healthy and yummy yet filling. He loves these bars and I was a happy Mom. I even tried one and they are really good. 

He now refers to them as the "Kid's healthy bar." I love it!

Check out their website HERE.

My lovely friend, Crystal, is having a Bible Study at her home once a month. It started last month and it was wonderful to spend time with such lovely ladies who all want to grow in their faith together. Praise God!

We've been reading this book along with the book of Matthew in 
the Bible for our next meeting. This book is filled with amazing truth about the real Jesus. I am loving it. 

You can find it HERE.

More Than a Carpenter

And we have already ordered our 
set of Bibles study books to dig into for the following months. They are from The Women of Faith Study Guide Series. And I love "Women of Faith." It is such a fun conference to attend. 

Super excited about these!! 

You can see them HERE.

Product Details

Product Details

Have a great weekend !!

Jamie :)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

Last weekend was the perfect ending to a wonderful summer! 
School started on Tuesday for Austin.
 It was great to be *busy* because I think it kept my mind (and kinda sad heart) off of the cry wagon of Austin entering the FIRST grade! My how time really does fly by. And also for him to stay busy with all the fun with family! 

We went on tractor-trailer rides. The kids loved that. They got to spend some time with out of state cousins and family which was amazing!

A kick-ball game was played and that was a blast to watch. 
Austin doesn't love me taking lots of photos of him, so this is him pointing at me to put the camera down. He played so well!

Here are the other men in the outfield waiting for the ball.

Morning breakfast of champions...Reese's puffs. Austin loves that cereal.

He even knows the song on the commercial for the cereal. It's really cute, it was a surprise when I heard him singing it because I didn't know he knew the song. 
He didn't mind me video-taping it either :).

Sunday evening we cleaned up our camp stuff and went home. These were the clouds by our house. I've never seen them like that before. It rained a lot but we were safe in our home :)

Jamie :)