Friday, March 14, 2014

It's Friday!

The winner of "The Love Dare for Parents" is...

Congrats friend! I will send you a copy of the book asap. You're going to love it! xoxo!


Tonight we are having a "Bye Bye Blanket" party for my 5 year old! 
He's excited and so am I ;).

Here are some photos when he was a little cute toddler with his blanket! Awww!!
 It is so worn out now, which is why I want to put it away before the poor blanket is completely worn out. 

Little A is fast asleep holding onto the monkey. That monkey corner is his very favorite. Always has been. 

Visiting Great Uncle Lynn and lying in his bed with his blanket.

Picnic on his blanket!

I will definitely post more details about it next week. It is going to be one awesome party :). 

Celebrate little things that are actually the BIG things in life!

Tomorrow morning we are going to relax together as a fam. Maybe go to the Library. We are going on a vacay next month. So, I'd like to get some books about airplanes for the kids. That way we can talk about them, see pictures of planes and read about them. The last time we were on an airplane Austin was 2 years old and I was 20 weeks pregnant (I think). Anyways, Austin had a little bit of a hard time at first. The pilot was super sweet and let him come in the front of the plane to check it out. Pretty cool! We went on a cruise and it was a blast! Absolutely beautiful!

I have a Women's Connect Rally at Church tomorrow evening. I am beyond excited! There will be desserts, prizes,worship, prayer and small sessions. The topic is "Who I am in Christ." My dear friend & Mom are also coming. Woot Woot! I will also share a little about that next week. 

I hope you have some fun stuff planned for the weekend! I'd love to hear about it!!

Jamie :)

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Let your light shine

"Let your light shine before others so they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven"

-Matthew 5:16

One of my favorite verses right there.

Everywhere we go we can be a light to someone else in their lives. I try to. But I know that I fail too much. I've missed opportunities when I'm rushed. 

Just like last week. I picked up Austin from school, we rushed to Walmart to get some shopping done and then I dropped him off at a friend's house for a birthday party. Rush. Rush. Rush. And I missed things that I needed at the store. But as I was checking out, I used the self check out. And I don't know about you, but when I use it I always need someone to help me and they punch in their code. Because "an unexpected item is in the baggage claim area, please remove...." (you've heard it I'm sure ;) ) and I didn't put anything unexpected there. I'm told it's because my kids lean on it and the weight sensor is touchy. I was getting so frustrated. The reason I went there in the first place is because there were only 1 or 2 lanes open but they were full with people waiting in line. And I, of course, wanted to speed up the process. And I think I  could've been a lot nicer to the sweet cashier who helped me get back to checking out. Instead I just said "Thanks" and went back to my checking out. 

To my point....I missed opportunities. 

Opportunities to smile at someone or ask how they are doing. 

We don't know what others are going through. And just think...YOU may be the person who can make a difference in their life. Maybe it's a smile or a kind comment. Anything. Something. Have you heard that quote...

“To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world.

― Bill Wilson

 I heart that quote. It is the total truth. 

Jamie :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Birthday recap/Tuesday's Top 3 Best 3 year old toys

Reminder that "The Love Dare for Parents" 
giveaway will end at 12:00 pm on Friday. 
I will announce the winner later on.

This book is a life changer!

 I am loving the book and the difference it is making with my parenting & relationship with my kiddos.

Which is why I want to share this book with you!! 

If you want to enter the giveaway, click here and add a comment on why you want to take on this challenge. 

Let's take this challenge together! :) 


Troy just turned the big THREE last Friday! 

I can hardly believe it. I blogged here about his birth story and included a bunch of photos from his past 3 years (in total random order :) ). 

We had a pretty low key birthday for him at home on Friday. I decorated for him the night before, we ate cupcakes and opened gifts. The day after we went to the water park!

This guy had a blast. He went on a double tube with me down the slide. It was "EPIC!" as Austin put it :).

My beautiful Mama!

B ball dunks with Daddy. Troy wanted to do this over & over! Adorable. Possible b ball player?? I'd say football or soccer for sure! He loves throwing/kicking balls around the house. 

 It was so much fun! We invited the family who also had a great time. Troy ate 2 pieces of pizza & a large piece of cake. He had a Tom & Jerry cake. He just loves that show!! And he wanted the Tom piece. So what did Daddy do? He took a hole right from the middle of the cake in order to give the birthday boy just what he wanted.

 Good Daddy he is! Troy enjoyed it so much. Troy had a blast in the beginning of his party but ended up getting the stomach flu later on :( Poor little guy. So Daddy took him home to take a nap and I stayed with Austin & the rest of the family for awhile longer. I'm so grateful that the next morning he was back to his old self. 

For the top 3 best 3 year old toys.... 

1.) This Chicco red bullet balance bike. We bought it here.

Product Details

He's been having a lot of fun riding it around the house. He carries it upstairs and downstairs. It is adorable how much he likes it. I can't wait for the snow to melt so he can use it outside :). 

2.) These Magformers. We bought them here

Product Details

He and Austin have had a great time creating different shapes and towers. Such a cool cool toy. I never have really seen them before. But I really recommend them. Hours of fun in a box!! #endlesscreations

3.) This cute book. If you have a 3 year old going to preschool, THIS is the book to get them. My sweet sister and her fam got Troy this. He AND Austin loved it! And when I dropped off Troy today...there was no crying or sadness. He kissed and hugged me good bye. He also met a friend right away. Praise God! :)

Product Details
Jamie :)

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Love Dare Giveaway!

It's warming up in MN. 

The high for today is something crazy like 50 (FIFTY) degrees. This Mama will be spending time outside taking a beautiful walk with the kids. What are you planning to do?

Have you seen the movie "Fireproof?" 

dvd banner

It is one of my very favorite movies by far! Kirk Cameron is the lead actor. He is a wonderful actor!! You may remember him from "Growing Pains. I do.

Here he is; Sweet Mike Sever...


Side note: His sister: Candace Cameron Bure (from Full House) is going to be on Dancing with the Stars! I'm super pumped because I just adore her. She is amazing! I blogged about her books here

 The husband (Kirk Cameron) in the movie took on "The Love Dare" challenge. Check out the website here. Their selfishness had hurt their marriage. And his wife was ready to get out of her marriage. He went through the book trying to win his wife's heart back. And that he did. :) I just love the movie! I cry each & every time! It is really a well made & heart warming movie. Watch it :). You won't be disappointed.

Here's the book...

The Love Dare  -     By: Stephen Kendrick, Alex Kendrick

And...NOW there is "The Love Dare For Parents."

The Love Dare for Parents  -     By: Stephen Kendrick, Alex Kendrick

You can get it here

Thank you to the authors Stephen and Alex Kendrick. I am on Day 9 of  40 days. And lets just say that This book. Is a Life Changer! I am taking this challenge very seriously. And I am trusting in God to use this book to help me be the very best Mommy I can be! I have already noticed some positive changes with my 5 year old. I am grateful. 


I am going to give away "The Love Dare For Parents"
 to one of YOU! 

I am so happy about this! Our kids are the FUTURE! And if we can give them a solid foundation built on love & faith in Jesus Christ, They can succeed in this life :). YOU can make a huge difference in their little lives! Let's build up our kids together! 

All you need to do is comment below why you want to take on this challenge and I will select one of you. The giveaway will be open until Friday which is when I will announce the winner. You will then need to email me to claim your fantastic book!

Blessings to you,

Jamie :)