Thursday, January 30, 2014

Some things I love!

I'm in the shopping mood!

And in T + 11 days, one of my besties (Crystal) and I are going to have a big shopping day!! 

Just us gals...

I'm beyond excited! I'm pumped :)

I'm going to do some online shopping to get myself in the mood.

So, here we go...

First up: 

Aren't these blouses adorable!! I love the colors and I think they'd be perfect for the Spring. 

They seem light and comfy!

Fitted boyfriend gingham shirt
Double-pocket shirt

And these T-Shirts are really cute! I like all the colors they come in. 

Essential heathered V-neck T

This sweater is just so pretty!!

Marled stripe sweatshirt

These jeans look like they'd be cute with anything! They will be mine soon :)

1969 destructed always skinny jeans

I have so many colored scarves, that I think this scarf would be perfect for some of my colored tops! It looks really soft, too! Lovely!!

Cozy gradient-stripe scarf

Okay, next stop...


I will have you know that I do not own ANYTHING from this store, however, I love to browse around because everything is so stinkin cute!!

But I had my eye on these earrings while out Christmas Shopping!

Gold Rung Earrings

And these are beautiful as well!

Embark Earrings

On to Kirkland's

This. Store. Is. Fab.

I'm searching for a clock for my basement family room and they have tons to choose from.

I'm really liking this one.
Gray Art Deco Wall Clock
or this one...
Distressed White Cutout Clock
Or these ones...

( I could go on & on! )

Antique Gray Avenger Wall Clock

Vintage Wood Clocks

What do you think?

Jamie :)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Birthday Parties

You know what's been on my mind lately? 

Birthday Parties!

We recently went snow tubing for my nephew's birthday party last Saturday...

And Let me tell was AWESOME! 

We had so much fun!

It was cold. But, we live in MN...Winters are cold. 

Here's my Niece, Bella, and me! She's nice and bundled up!

My little boy stayed with G & G, 

But Big boy A, Daddy and me had a great time together.

So, now I'm thinking about little Troy boy's 3rd Birthday which will be in March.

I'm thinking an indoor water park at a hotel.

Which means...I'm swim suit shopping! Crazy, I know :)

I love Gap, So I've been looking at some of their suits for the future Birthday boy...

Colorblock swim trunks
Plaid patch swim trunks
Let the planning begin :)