Wednesday, November 12, 2014

48 Hour Challenge

At Bible Study last night we talked about doing a fast from social media for 48 hours. For me, that would be 2 days without Instagram and Facebook. And I thought it would awesome if every time the temptation came on The Bible would be our rescue.

I'm up for that challenge. Are you? 

Going on a fast from Social Media isn't a new thing. 
Check out another Jamie's blog post HERE about her take on it. 

Source HERE.

At bedtime I find myself scrolling through my Instagram feed before going to sleep. But, last night instead I used the time to pray. I even thought about going to the family room to watch TV until I got sleepy.  I fought that off and stayed in bed praying and thinking about the amazing people in my life. My hubby was already sleeping. And I went to sleep peacefully and woke up rested. :)

It's possible. 

Later this week I will update you!

Have a fantastic Wednesday :)!!


Monday, November 10, 2014

A Child's Love

It was an early night for everyone on Saturday night. The kiddos fell asleep on the way home. And it was teeth brushing and bed time for all. I went upstairs to browse through Christmas Cards on snapfish to decide on ours. I thought the boys were asleep. 

Then I heard the *squeak* of Austin's door open. Hmmm...I thought he was fast asleep. But, maybe had to use the bathroom. I see him walk towards me and he  asked me to read to him. He hugged me and I melted. :) It's funny how a child's hug can make you feel like THE most important person. I felt better, already. He told me he was not sleeping but reading The Bible and was already onto Exodus :)! I asked him what book I should read him. He then asked me "Will you read me The Bible?" Awww...."Of course I will" I told him. Geez...I was lifted completely out of my crankiness into the loving arms of my sweet child and Father in Heaven. 

God is really good!

And then, he came back out of his room after we read and prayed.
 He wanted to sleep downstairs :)

He obviously wasn't tired. We talked and filled out his Reading Calendar.

I promised him we would make puppy chow and hadn't, yet.

 I said "Do you want to make Puppy Chow?" He said "Suuuure! Have a midnight snack? And play tic tac toe while we're eating it?!"

We stayed up until 9 playing tic tac toe and hangman while eating our delicious snack.

Perfect Saturday night!!

I love it!

When unexpected things do your kid's do that make you melt?

Jamie :)