Saturday, June 7, 2014

Austin's Angry bird birthday party

I was praying that Austin would have beautiful weather for his birthday party. I prayed with Austin, too. But I made sure to also make a point that in sun OR rain we would still have a fun time! 

It was a beautiful day! The kids had a blast running around outside in the sun!! And I was glad that the kids could be outside, too ;).

I looked to Pinterest on an "Angry Bird Birthday party" for some inspiration.
 And it didn't dissapoint. Austin even helped.

After clicking on a neat photo from Pinterest I was brought to this blog. She put on an awesome Angry Bird party for her son! Check it out here. It was so helpful!

{Photo time}

This Pinata I purchased at Party City. It was fun!!

I forgot to take a "before" photo of the food. But we had Pizza, juice boxes, waters, strawberries, carrots, and a meat & cheese tray with buns.

My hubby made this slingshot in about 30 minutes. He's pretty amazing like that. He looked at a picture of one and put this together. He did buy a water balloon launcher and used some of the pieces from that. 

Austin really got the tennis balls far. Once it got warmer outside, the water balloons came out...put in the slingshop. I got wet. :)

Austin was the target. Haha! 

Troy's turn.

And Austin was getting warm so he took his shirt off. #ichoosemybattleswisely 

This game was fun! Pin the beak on the angry bird. 

Austin didn't like spinning in a circle or having his eyes covered. But he still did great!

Little pep talk before striking the pinata. :)

Filling up water balloons. 

A turtle came to say "Happy Birthday" to the birthday boy. Those kids had so much fun with the turtle they named "Austin."

Here are the wonderful kiddos who came...School friends, neighbor friends and sweet cousins. We were so thankful that they came. 

Posing in their masks.

Good buddies!

Cake time!

We always get our cakes from our local Coborn's. I'm impressed every time. They do an amazing job. And the customer service at Coborns is fantastic!!

Austin had a blast at his party. And so did we.

God bless you,
Jamie :)