Monday, August 10, 2015

Untaken pictures

There are so many moments not photographed that I want to forever remember. Some moments are gone in an instant that are beautiful reminders of the blessings in life. During those times that are so special I find that by the time I get my camera to snap a quick photo...that sweet "moment" has vanished. That is why sometimes I just stare and soak it into my memory because I don't want to miss it. I don't want to miss a thing.

Like the time the 2 youngest kids were sitting outside in the beautiful sunshine in the late morning. It was one of those sweet moments that will be cherished. They were working on finishing their lunches. As I walked up to the table from the garage I could see their adorable legs swinging back and forth in pure delight. THAT is the picture I have in my mind. Their legs unable to touch the ground because they were so small in those big patio chairs. Giggles were heard and their smiles were obvious. 

Or the time the youngest picks up her baby and rocks her so gently. So careful not to drop her. Her kind smile says that she truly loves that baby as if it were real. And I have no doubt in my mind that one day she will be one fantastic Mommy.

Another very special moment is when Daddy gets home and the "Daddy is home" "Daddy!!!" can be heard throughout the house. And they run to the door to be the first to see him. His face shining with humbleness at the importance of himself. Just as he is, even if it is slightly dirty from working hard all day, they give him huge hugs and try to help bring his lunch box upstairs. And almost every time it falls down the stairs. They laugh.

Moments of my boys together are some of my favorites. When I see them sitting together as close as can be on the couch, I love it.

Like when my amazing Dad in-law takes the two youngest grandchildren on a 4 wheeler ride. All 3 of them with big smiles on their faces! Going slowly around and around the path and very carefully.

Or when all the kids are together walking in the beautiful sunset. Rays of sunshine dance across their bodies and I think how perfect a picture would be if only I had my camera near me.

These are only some of the very special moments that I will never forget. They are etched into my memory forever. The next time you are rushing to get your camera....take in the moment, be present not to miss it.

Jamie :)