Thursday, July 2, 2015

Some random favorites!

This Friday is extra special because I get to spend it with my sweet family on a little get away!

While I write this they're all sleeping and I'm up thinking about all the fun we are going to have...or rather brainstorming how we will fit everything we want to do in ;) Lots to do and little time!

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During this vacay I plan on reading this amazing book below. "One thousand gifts" By: Ann Voskamp. My sister got me this life changing book for my birthday and I can't even tell you the many times I saw it at the store and was going to buy it. And boy am I happy she got it for me because it is a Life.Changer. For real! I am loving it... Favorite!

Mystery tackle box and Lucky tackle boxes. These are my favorite new monthly subscriptions for my boys. The assortment and quality of the goodies is fantastic. Austin is absolutely thrilled when he sees it has arrived. #likefatherlikeson

Nordstrom's customer service is a favorite! I had recently ordered a cute striped tee but after wearing it once noticed a small hole. I called and with few questions they're asking me to return it for a full refund! Awesome!! Although I really did like the shirt :) and wished the quality was better.

Young living lemon drops in my water! Fave all the way! It tastes great and gives me some extra energy. I want to try the lime and orange, too! I even brought the lemon with so I could put it in my water on vacay!

Bike rides with my kids! We take almost a daily bike ride and how fun it is to enjoy God's beauty outside and in my kiddo's faces! Especially when Troy wanted to stop for a "giant blow flower!" And he carried that weed all the way home so he could blow it! Love that kid and his joy for life!!

Have a very happy weekend celebrating The 4th of July!

Jamie :)

Monday, June 29, 2015

Mommy guilt

Dear fellow Mommies,

Have you ever had the feeling that you messed up?
Haven't been a good enough Mom lately?
That you haven't done enough? 
That you should be doing this or that?
That you miss the past times with your kids?

Mommy guilt is real and one of the most difficult feelings for a Mom to encounter. And maybe it can be a good thing to help us recognize the need to spend more one on one time with our children.

I'm here to tell you that you are enough :)! God made you for a deep purpose in raising your children and being blessed to be called "Mom." By calling upon Him, we can help eliminate the feelings of guilt.

I know I've felt those feelings listed above before and it is a heart wrenching feeling. God created each of us so very special. We may not do 'this' or 'that' but we can do 'something else' really good :).

Mommy friends, lets try to stop comparing ourselves to other Moms. Because I'm sure you've heard it before but "Comparison is THE thief of joy." And it is so true. Every single Mom brings a beautiful characteristic to the table in their own homes. Our kids need us to be happy in our own shoes. And I believe that helps them feel loved.

Another thing is that kids offer so many new beginnings. What a blessing that is! Maybe we messed up yesterday by being too tired, too busy, too impatient or whatever it may be. But here is the most beautiful part::::Tomorrow is a brand new day! Actually any time is a brand new time to start fresh! Lets make the most of it. I know I will!

I want to start spending more individual time with each child on a regular basis. I've gone on some "Mommy & son dates." And they sure are fun!! That is definitely one of my goals to keep up with each child and my hubby! :)

Love your fellow Mommy friend, Jamie