Friday, January 3, 2014

Making the most of Every Day

Hey ya all! So, it's been cold freezing lately here in MN. I just got a call with a message saying the Governor has shut down school on Monday- 3 days in advance by the Governor?? It must be cold! But we still enjoyed our fun play date this morning. 

 Then we came home, ate lunch and the littles took a nap. Austin and I had some fun while they napped. We drank cocoa with LOTS of marshmallows and played a mean game of Pokemon cards! Austin loves that! I'm not sure if we actually play the cards the correct way...but does it really matter?? Not to us.

We had a blast-o-rama! And, I thought to myself....make the most of this time because these kids grow up way too fast! :) And I will do just that. It's a NEW YEAR and I am going to be "Present" in all I do.

XOXO Jamie