Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Top 3 favorite things right now

It's beautiful in MN right now!
 I'm so grateful, too. Because I was more than ready for some spring weather. 
It's been a loooong wintery winter.

This last Friday was my 29th Birthday! Time flies by! I had a great Birthday. My hubby got me some thoughtful gifts, Subway for supper and a lemon cake. Lemon is MY favorite. It was so delicious. The kids were so cute and sweet to me, too. 

Now I'm getting ready to celebrate my big boy's 6th Birthday. This Saturday we're having an "Angry Birds" Birthday for Austin. I'm praying the weather is going to stay nice because there will be a lot of boys and they've got energy :). Lots of good energy! We're currently working on building a giant slingshot!! I'll be sure to post photos after the party.

Here we go. Some of my favorite things right now...

1.) This candle smells amazing. Think summer ;).

Lemon Verbena Mason Jar Candle - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body Works

2.) This shirt I am in love with. I paired it with some light turquoise cropped jeans and it was super cute and comfy. It's a nice light color which I really like. With a long necklace and earrings it can be dressed up.

AE Faded Chambray Shirt - Buy One Get One $10

3.) These TOMS crochet shoes are just lovely. I just got the deeper purple color but couldn't find that color online to show you. Here's a lilac color that is also darling.

Happy day to you!
Jamie :)