Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Favorites!

I'm linking up today with these sweet-hearted ladies...

These are some of my favorite feelings :)


This quote of Holley Gerth's on Instagram spoke to my heart. It was exactly what I needed to hear on that particular day. 
Has that ever happened to you?  
It encouraged me and allowed me to "give it to God."  

Thank you, Holley!


The weather has been so beautiful lately in MN. Windows open and I love it!!

 I'm so grateful. We've been having fun playing soccer in the yard, running around and playing catch. 

I mean, look at that sweet smile. He's so sweet and he loves him Mommy so much. 


Speaking of nice days. On this particular day, My Dad went to the park with us. Austin and him were playing catch and I just loved watching them play. I remember when Austin was a little toddler playing with "Boppa" and now as a 6 year old he can play catch with him. They've went fishing together as well. I love seeing them together. Especially since my Mom and Dad had 2 daughters. They now have 3 grandsons and I think that is so special.

Have a great Friday!!

Jamie :)

Monday, September 22, 2014

A positive role model

 This morning I had a wonderful visit with my good friend Abriel over coffee and breakfast. We laughed and encouraged each other. She is full of the Joy for the Lord and I am so blessed to have her in my life. 

I adore all of my girlfriends!

They rock!

I follow Mandy Young on Instagram. She's so encouraging and a beautiful person in & out. I don't of course know her personally, but she would be an awesome girlfriend to have! She is a bright light for the Lord as well. 

I had to snap shot her post from the other day. I loved it!

{Be the Person you needed when you were younger}

Amen to that! 

I want to live my life where I can be of encouragement to someone younger.

Kids need it...

Teenagers need it...

They all need it...

I know I did.

I had some awesome girlfriends growing up as well as some positive adult role models. 

The day I got my driver's license I left home in a car my Dad had just fixed up. My parents didn't really want me to go but I wanted to hang out with some friends so bad.  Not even a mile from my house I slid through a stop sign (the roads were a bit slick with rain) and totaled my car and another driver's car. The air bag went off, I was crying and so mad at myself. I remember the cops coming and feeling so sad to tell my parents. I still think back to that horrific day and remember my parents showing me such love and grace. They didn't have to but they did. I also remember them telling me how grateful they were that I was safe and that God had protected me. He really did. My parents have been so good to me all of my life and still are!!

I remember babysitting at this one sweet family's house. I knew that when I grew up I wanted to be the same kind of Mommy with the same kind of values as she was. She seemed to have it all together and I loved it. I love that I noticed she wrote sweet notes to her husband in various places. She was a fantastic Christian role model. She impacted my life in a big way. 

One of my good friend's Mom was amazing, too. She really truly cared about me and some of the poor choices I had made. It almost brings tears to my eyes now looking back when she spoke to me about my choices. The truth and love she spoke to me made a huge difference. She was a wise woman of God and to this day I am grateful for her. 

God is so good and I am thankful he brought so many different role models into my life. 

It brought me to the place I am now. 

I'm forever grateful.

Who has impacted your life in a big way?

Jamie :)