Monday, January 20, 2014



It's Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Day!

Austin asked me last Friday...

"Mommy, tell me who Martin Luther King is.

(out of the blue after school)

I told him about him.

And he listened to every single word

I asked him if he learned about him at school.

He said yes and told me that he thought it was silly to treat others different because of their color.

He said he was thankful for Marin Luther King Jr.

And so am I.

He also said he was thankful to be off of school on Monday. :)

Sometimes it takes a 5 year old to help you take time to remember the importance of a person.

How was your weekend?

We had a great weekend! Even though...

 the big boy was sick Friday night :(

And we rented this...

Rug Doctor Mighty Pro Club Pack

(It worked amazing! By the way)

Enough said.

But Praise the good Lord, he was feeling better for Sunday!

We went to Church and went out to eat at The Pizza Ranch!

And...Oh, how I LOVE The Pizza Ranch!

Seriously! Best.Pizza.Ever.

Happy Monday!