Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer random things

We've  had our patio set for 5 or 6 years now and never got an umbrella for it.

 When we've had birthday parties outside and people over, we've borrowed my sweet in-law's umbrella. 

Why? Because we just have done without it I guess and possibly not wanted to spend extra money on that. But I was SO excited when I saw in the target ad this Room Essentials Patio umbrella on sale for $45 instead of $65. It's not for sale at that price anymore, but it is on sale for $52. Still a good deal. 
I just love the turquoise stripes. By far turquoise is one of my favorite colors. Love. It works perfect!

Room Essentials™ Patio Umbrella - 7.5'

I shared this photo on Instagram. 

I want to try to be more "natural" and safe with my skin and my kid's skin. So I went to The Honest Company and ordered some sunscreen (that we all can use), bubble bath, Shampoo and conditioner and hand sanitizer.

 I got a great deal with a coupon. I am really loving everything. Like a lot. The sunscreen goes on so smooth, it's not thick and doesn't leave a white look either. The S & C smells divine and left my hair super soft. The kid's love the bubbles! And the hand sanitizer is so handy to bring with me everywhere. We always need that. And I love that these products are natural and have organic ingredients. You could bundle and save by getting a monthly delivery. I did not choose that option but will definitely be thinking about it. 
This bag. Is too cute! It's a "Hobo Handbag." Can I just say that I think "Hobo" is such a weird way to describe a bag. Are you with me on that? I looked up the definition by the way. Check it out here. I still think it's odd
 The bright colors are screaming summmmer. It works great as a purse/diaper bag. And it was only $19.99. Hello GREAT deal! It's practical, pretty and perfect. And I love it so much. 

Mossimo Supply Co. Geometric Print Hobo Handbag - Black

Much brighter in person.


This quacamole is delish! And so easy because they're in single serve packages. Up my alley! Easy! I got a box from Costco and since I'm the only one in the house that likes it I've loved every single last one of those 134 packages ;). I dip my carrots in it and it's so yummy.  

Organic Guacamole

 And my kid's FAVORITE juice boxes are these. And Austin is picky so that says something. And I love it that they're organic and not full of sugar like most juice boxes. They are a bit more pricey but that's ok with me. 


Jamie :)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Coupons and a Funny story

I really have the very best intentions to use my coupons.

But, I forget about them or can't find the right one when I'm rushing at the store. 

So my new resolution is to start using coupons more. I've already started saving. Yipee!

I started by buying our MN Star Tribune a couple Sundays ago. There are a TON of coupons in there. This time around, I don't waste time by clipping out the "Buy 3 cans get 0.50 off" coupons because I usually don't need to buy 3 cans of something. By eliminating the clipping of the coupons that I know I will not even use, I save time and can remember more easily which coupons I have. 

It's a little bit of a thrill when I see how much I saved myself by using a few coupons. 

I really love Retail Me Not

So many great coupons/coupon codes there, check it out.

Okay onto the silly stupid funny story... 

I went to our local grocery store/gas station last week with the kiddos. After paying for my groceries (with some excellent coupons by the way) I realized I had a 0.05 off coupon per gallon of gas. I get them all the time but you need to go inside to use the coupon. I usually have the kids with me and really haven't wanted to bring the kids in just to save some change on gas. But THIS time I wanted to use that coupon (remember my new couponing resolution) and I was determined. So I asked the sweet lady since I was already in the store if I could use the coupon and prepay for gas. She said that was fine. We looked for an empty gas spot and decided on #3 as long as no one would take it by the time I could get my groceries in the car and drive to the spot. Sure enough, some one got there before me. Parking lot was BIZEY. So I tried to motion to the lady that I 'd take #8, then that spot was taken. So I just drove around and finally found one open. I tried to wave at the lady behind the glass to ask if that one was fine while I struggled to finally park there. I was almost making a scene because the man next to me pumping his gas was laughing at me. The lady looked so confused and worried. I thought she'd just smile and nod as an "OK, use that place" but nope something was wrong. Another girl came outside and said screamed 

"Your gas cap is on the OTHER side of your car!" 

WOW! Just wow!

To my defense, I'm use to the side my past car's gas cap was on.

I did all that maneuvering to get into that spot for nothing! And when my gas cap was actually on the other side of the car. Then that man told me (while grinning) "They have this all on video." LOL not. 

I finally found a spot and saved a whole 0.45. I'm not so sure I'll do that again...

Now I laugh about it :)

This is what I should've done...

Have a great day!

Jamie :)