Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Most Embarrassing Moment

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Here it goes:

I went to our local grocery store/gas station last year with the kiddos. After paying for my groceries (with some excellent coupons by the way) I realized I had a coupon for $0.05 off per gallon of gas. I get them all the time but you need to go inside to use the coupon. I usually have the kids with me and really haven't wanted to bring the kids in just to save some change on gas. But THIS time was different and I was determined to use that coupon. So I asked the sweet lady since I was already in the store if I could use the coupon and prepay for gas. She said that was fine. We looked for an empty gas spot and decided on #3 as long as no one would take it by the time I could get my groceries in the car and drive to the spot. Sure enough, some one got there before me. Parking lot was BIZ-EY. So I tried to motion to the lady that I 'd take #8, then that spot was taken. 

So I just drove around and finally found one open. I tried to wave at the lady behind the glass to ask if that one was fine while I struggled to finally park there. I was almost making a scene because the man next to me pumping his gas was laughing at me. The lady looked so confused and worried. I thought she'd just smile and nod as an "OK, use that place" but nope something was wrong. Another girl came outside and said screamed 

"Your gas cap is on the OTHER side of your car!" 

WOW! Just wow!

To my defense, I'm use to the side my past car's gas cap was on.

I did all that maneuvering to get into that spot for nothing! And when my gas cap was actually on the other side of the car. Then that man told me (while grinning) "They have this all on video." LOL not. 

I finally found a spot and saved a whopping $0.45. I'm not so sure I'll do that again...

Now I can laugh about it :)

This is what I should've done...

Have a great day!

Jamie :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Silver Lining

Have you ever had one of those days where some things are just going wrong?

I felt it yesterday morning a bit. 

I brought my first son to School and was going to wait in the car until it was time to bring my second son to PreK but realized I forgot my phone. And didn't want to be without it in case while grocery shopping afterwards the school needed to get a hold of me if something came up with my boys.

So I went home quickly to get it.  

After grocery shopping, I came home and hauled everything into the house. 

In one bag there was a carton of 18 eggs which was a little too close to the stairs.

These eggs just so happened to fall down not just 2 stairs but 7 stairs!! 

Oh boy... 

I squinted as I opened up the bag to see the mess. Yup, ooey gooey egg yolks all over all 18 eggs and inside the bag. They looked like they were all cracked. 

But friends, there is a silver lining in all of this!

1.) The bag did not break nor did it have a hole.

2.) When I went to actually see if I could salvage any of the eggs I came to find out that only 4 eggs were cracked which meant I still had 14 eggs to make cookies and banana bread with (which was my plan).

Now my eggs breaking story pales in comparison to other actual big problems or difficulties.

But it still helps bring my point across in all of this...It could've been so much worse.  Look past the yucky ooey gooey stuff going on and try to find some sort of positive. My attitude changed when I discovered that not all my eggs were broken. And realized I needed to be grateful!

Look for a silver lining! 

Jamie :)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sweet Baby Shower

I forgot how much fun it is to help throw a baby shower!

It was exciting preparing for the shower by picking up little things here and there.

It was fun thinking about it.

It was fun creating decorations.

And it was super fun deciding on games to play.

It was such a special girl's evening honoring my sweet friend, Jen, and the {very soon} grand debut of baby Nora Grace!!

I'm very excited to hold that beautiful baby girl!

We had it at a local Pizza Pub and it was delicious. My co-host helped so much. She got the cake and it was amazing.

 She had gotten the cutest party favors ever, too!

We played some really fun games...

1.) Baby food guessing game.

 2.) Celebrity baby match up. Did you know that Jason Lee named his child Pilot Inspektor?

And Carrie Underwood just had a baby recently named her son Isaiah! Cute name!

3.) Changing baby doll blind folded and timed!

The last game was hilarious!

 One person could do it in 18 seconds and another did it in the longest amount of time-->50 seconds.

They both got prizes.

The person whom did it in 50 seconds for being so thorough ;).

And loved seeing all those pretty faces!

Jamie :)