Monday, December 1, 2014

Let them crack the eggs...

I need to be honest with you...

My kids always want to crack the eggs when we are baking/cooking together. 
I have several excuses I use but usually say "Mommy will just do it real quick" or "You can help mix instead."

Secretly I say no because I don't want to deal with the possible mess. Raw eggs all over. Eeek!

Does that sound mean???

Ummmm ya, it kinda does!

Over the years we've done lots of chocolate chip cookie baking. And have had lots of fun not cracking the eggs. Lots of Mixing and taste testing :)!

When we decided to make cookies last week, Austin said "Please, Mom, Can I crack the eggs?!" I felt led to let him crack the eggs. He was so excited!

While he was trying to crack the egg on the edge of the bowl I was practically closing my eyes in fear that the yolk was going to go everywhere and make a big yucky mess. He had to bang it against the side of the bowl like 7 or 8 times because he was being so careful.
My heart just melted when I watched him being extra careful.
He probably already knew that I was afraid it was going to be a fail.

As a Mom, I should be his biggest cheerleader. I know this is a simple 'cracking the egg' example but in life I need to let him do more things on his own. He is getting to be more and more grown up. I need to let him do more grown up things so that when that time comes for him to go off to college...he's ready & not scared. Which I will add, won't be for 12 years :). 

And by the way, he cracked both of those eggs with little to no mess. Just a little got on his jeans and we laughed. He did such a great job. And even if there was a big mess...big deal.

 I'll definitely be letting him do more. He's started cleaning more in the kitchen and he does an excellent job!

My kid's cheerleader,
Jamie :)