Monday, February 9, 2015

Favorite Quotes

Instagram...I love it! 

Not only do I love the beautiful filters but I absolutely am smitten with the quotes I come across. 

My mood can instantly be brighter when I come across a quote that speaks to my heart.

So I started taking a photo of them. This way I can remember them and share with you :).

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Amen to this! God does have a plan for our lives and it will turn out right in His precious timing. I constantly remind myself of this.

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Fear is such a tough emotion. In life there is so much to be fearful for. Every single day we are faced with the potential to let fear ruin our day. But I remind myself that my faith must be stronger and BIGGER than it. 

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This is truth. If I let my mind can go all sorts of places...good and bad. Trusting in my God is key.

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Christ has forgiven us of every single one of our sins when we ask Him to. He died on the cross for our sins. So how can we not forgive? 

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I absolutely believe this! One of the most beautiful blessings came to my family unplanned and I thank God every single day.

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A complete refocus is happening when we are able to do this. I can remember specifically one Sunday in Church when I was singing. I completely gave Christ my worries + struggles and I felt complete tears of joy come down my cheeks. An amazing feeling!

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Oh so true. We are bigger than our thought patterns and are able to control them.

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Spending time digging into His word and spending the time with Him allows His divine blessings to flow onto us. I want to become less and Him more.

Enjoy! Happy Monday!