Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Top 3 from the past weekend

Tuesday's Top 3

1.) Friday was the "Bye Bye Blanket" party! 

Last week while I was looking at my son's sweet & beloved "Blanks" (blanket), I thought to myself that I need to pack it away so it doesn't get any more worn down. I mean, that blanket has been with him since birth! It makes me kinda teary thinking about it. I want to save it so he can have it when he's older....or I can cuddle with it when he goes off to college. More tears. He brought that blanket everywhere! Everywhere. To Church because he would have a total breakdown when we'd bring him to Sunday School because he just wanted to be with Mommy & Daddy. The Sunday School teachers were so kind and compassionate when we'd have to leave him and let him cry a little...with his blanket. Blanket went to the Adventure Park and he actually layed down with it on one of the mats to take a pretend nap. That thing went on a Carribean cruise to see the ocean and to South Dakota. Grocery stores, Walmart, Target, friend's houses, Grandparent's houses, everywhere. You name it, that blanket was there :). 

He especially loved the monkey corner, which is why now that corner is almost non-existent.

He let Troy have a corner of it when he visited his new baby brother in the hospital.

Hiding in the drawer with the blanket.

So onto the par-tay!

I went simple. He wanted gifts but I said no. Haha! I put some decorations up, we made some, I made white cupcakes with sprinkles & cocoa powder, the boys blew out candles, we ordered pizza from our favorite pizza restaurant and spent time as a fam. Perfect!

"B" was the theme :)

This monkey has gotten a LOT of love. And probably 2 years ago my precious Mom brought his blanket to her very talented seamstress to get it fixed up. You can tell by the stitching on the monkey's left arm. A loves his Nanny! 

You've mighta already noticed this but...T boy likes to be "Hulk" and wear no shirt and usually no pants, too. We are working on potty training (it's going well) so the no pants is actually kinda easy ;)
I choose my battles wisely. No clothes at home--fine, but clothes outside of home--yessss!

These cupcakes were very scrumptious with homemade cream cheese frosting! 

One last cuddle with the blanket. 
But to be totally honest...if he wants to have it for a night or just to see it, I will say "yes." 

And we played Skylanders with the figurines. I was the girl dragon :). Fun!

Celebrate the "Little things" which in the future were actually the BIG things ;)!

2.) Saturday was the Women's Connect Rally at Church. It was absolutely fantastic!! I went with one of my amazing friends, Abriel. We had the best time...Worshipping God, praying,  listening to a wonderful woman give her testimony and eatting at the "candy bar" (think gummy bears, skittles, tootsie rolls, Mike n' Ike's, kit kat bars--Yummy). We also attended a Connect session on "Who Do You See in the Mirror?" By: Marytina Lawrence and after had dessert. And this dessert was Strawberry cheesecake, it was one of the best I've ever had...I may have had 2 :). 

Abriel & I

I felt so grateful after I left. Grateful that God has trusted my husband and I to raise these wonderful children. Inspired to continue to teach them every single day of God's great love! Because in the end that is all that really matters. And I left feeling beautiful in and out because God created us beautiful. When He looks at us, He sees perfection. God is so good.

3.) Spending time with family on Sunday. My Mom & Dad are amazing!! I just adore them. We got the chance to visit some loved ones. And in the evening A & T went to a movie at the theatre with them. They had a blast! Family time rocks my world!

God Bless you,

Jamie :)