Saturday, February 7, 2015

First time Skating...

This photo was from weeks ago but we sure had a blast building our snowman family! :) 
We started with just enough for the kids but then decided to build our entire family. 


 Such a blast! 

  The snow was the perfect texture for molding those round, lumpy balls of snow. 

Now the snow is pretty bare on our yard. Our snowmen are still somewhat there. 

A really fun memory doing this one Saturday and I'm grateful I took photos to always remember it. 

The next day my hubby really REALLY wanted to get those boys some hockey skates and teach 
them how to skate. 

So, to the skating rink we went. 

The boys look like like they could be models for Bauer hockey equipment, huh? :) 

So serious...and handsome!

Troy did so good. 

Austin was really getting the hang out of it. He has an amazing coach beside him ;).

All by himself. I was so proud of him. #practicemakesperfect

I had a pair on, too. It was such a beautiful day for it. 

Fun times in the winter.

Jamie :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Take the time

My sweet children.

Oh how I love them so much! Some days I miss them as babies. I really do. And I do remember saying I couldn't wait for them to get older. And now my oldest is 6 and youngest boy is almost 4 and my sweet girl is 18 months. Oh...where did the time go. Tears flood my eyes as I think about the years and how fast they've gone by already.

Moms, if you're reading this, please take my advice and slow down and enjoy every single minute with those sweet littles. Don't be in such a rush. If you feel the need to rush from here to there, cut something out. Days don't need to be so jam packed that you don't know where the day went. Because one day your oldest will be 6 years old and you will be wondering where the time went.

Take time to have them nap on you instead of in the crib. Take time to watch their every move and every facial expression. Take the time to cuddle them and read lots of books. Take the time to be completely present. Take time to tickle and listen to them giggle over and over. Take time to chase them around the house and play peek a boo. Take the time to watch them happily play in the bath for much longer than necessary. Take time to play with them outside. Take time to tell them how special they are. Don't rush the day away.

Tonight we were watching past videos of just 2 years ago and my have they changed. In just 2 short years. Moms, take lots and lots of videos as well. They are really special to watch.

My kid's ages are so sweet right now, too. And I will cherish every.single.minute of their precious lives. I love being their Mom.