Thursday, May 22, 2014

Austin is SIX

My sweet Austin William!

I'm still in shock that my first baby just turned 6 years old!

(Which is maybe why it has taken me so long to write this)

It feels like he is still just four precious years old going to preschool. But he'll be going into first grade this fall. I'm getting ahead of myself :) We have the WHOLE summer to have fun and enjoy time off from school. It'll be super fun! :)

Austin was a big hunk as a baby! So sweet and such a cuddler. I was in the nursing program his first year of life. I remember sitting in the recliner with my nursing books next to him while I was nursing him ;). I would set up everything I would need for the night (phone, remote, nursing pads and cream, diapers, wipes, diaper cream, books, magazines, etc) next to me on a tv stand. LOL! And my hubby would ask me if I was coming to bed and I would kindly say "No, I'm going to sleep in the recliner with Austin. It's more comfortable." And Austin would sleep on my chest as a newborn. And I LOVED it! And I know he did, too. I did not do that with the other kiddos. I just wanted to spend every minute with that little cuddle bug as a new-learning Mommy. During the day if I'd nurse him, I would study with my books on the boppy pillow.

He grew into a very strong-willed toddler. Really! If he didn't want to do something... he would NOT do it. Like if we were at Target and he wanted to run to the other side of the store while I told him to come back, he would keep running. He was such a fun little toddler. Always on the go.go.go
I think he went straight from crawling to running. 

I prayed for that wild toddler often. That he would grow into a respectful child who would listen well. And he has! 

Austin is a hard worker. When he comes home from school, he is excited to show me his work and the stars he received. He'll remind me what permission slip is due on what day. He's nice to his school friends. He enjoys school a lot. His teacher's soft voice he appreciates. He anticipates first grade because that means he's getting older. And he told me the other day "Mom, soon I'll be in college!" #stopgrowingplease

He is a fantastic big brother. My heart melts into a puddle when I see him show love to his siblings! He is so good at being a big brother. He's funny. Really funny. He makes me laugh so much. Sometimes I maybe shouldn't be laughing (like when he calls his butt his "B word." Because he knows that Mom and Dad don't like him talking about butts). His imagination is endless as well.

He loves Jesus! And that is the most important thing of all time. If I can teach him anything of importance it would be about Jesus and His never ending love for him. From a young toddler he He has liked to collect various kid's Bibles and read them. David and Goliath is one of his favorite Bible stories. 

He's strong and courageous. Full of joy. Loves meeting new people. He's not shy one bit!

And he's always enjoyed baking with Mommy! Especially when he can be a taste tester :).

This photo is pure cuteness! Him cooking in his birthday suit.

Legos are his favorite! If he makes something creative, he likes me to take a picture. He'd love to have his creation be in the Lego magazine :).

He loves me so much. He told me the other day that he thinks I'd be a great teacher. My heart melted. Then, he said he wished Daddy was a teacher,too. When Daddy comes home, he yells "Daddy!" And runs to the door. He really wants to be just like his Daddy. His Daddy is like his best friend. 

His wrestling medal

He loves playing football.

Happy Sweet Sixth birthday Austin! We love you so much! 

Love, Mommy :)