Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Funnies

So, if you don't know this already, I have sweet & silly boys! 

They love-love-love to make me laugh. 

And sometimes, things are said that aren't even meant to be funny

And I love it ;)

Here are some funnies for your Friday!


A: "Mom, what does 'cream' mean??" 
--After he heard the word on a movie about someone beating someone in a race. 
I explain...
A (in a super excited tone):" Mom, If there's a race, can I use your car and cream everyone?!" 
By the way, I do not have a fast race car or anything like that. But, to him, maybe I do? :)

Oh, Austin, you're cute!!

A: "Troy! You get to go to school today big boy! Are you excited!!
T: "Ya."
A: Troy, if you go on a field trip, Mom and me can go, IF I can get the day off from school." 
Such a great big bro who was so excited for T boy to start preschool. And who was excited to possibly miss a day of school ;)

Here's them that morning. Right after Troy woke up and walked into the kitchen.

A: " What's my nickname?"
Me: "Well, I guess we call you Austin. You could be Austy or Willy?"
A: "I want my name to be Mark." (Which is my Dad's name)
Me: "Oh, okay. That's a nice name. 
A: "I want my name to be a Bible name."

He then decided to be called "Paul" after discussing all of the names in the Bible.

Too precious!

I was cleaning up Troy's mess after he was finished eating lunch. 
A: "It's like your Troy's slave or something. Always cleaning up his messes!!"


Supper was over and we were getting ready for bed. Austin was having a hard time because he wanted to play WII or wrestle or something like that. 
A (in a loud, frustrated voice): "You always have to make these 
Me: "Pies? I don't make pies for supper."
A: " YES, you do....CHICKEN POT PIESSSS!!"

Haha! Oh that kid is hilarious. That night he went to sleep quickly, he was exhausted. 

Do you know what this is... down there?

Troy's face looked exactly like mine. "What are you making?"

Well, It's a leprechaun trap. Of course ;)

Austin was into "trapping them" after the leprechaun's messed up his kindergarten classroom while he was at recess. 

There was gold in that cup. Because that's what attracts them. 
We had several little traps around our house. 
Austin is very creative. 

This was Troy boy after grocery shopping. He was tired out and wanted to lay down in the cart. So, I had to put the grocery bags all around him. He was a little squished but he didn't mind one little bit.

Austin has really been into Mine craft. His cousins have it on the tablets. So almost every day he wants me to download it on my phone. But, since I have so many pics on it (and because it's only has 3gb memory) I tell him that I don't think I can download it. 
Today...was ANOTHER snow day! :) 
And this morning A was determined to get it on my phone to play.
A: "Can you put Mine craft on your phone?"
Me: "I think I have too many pictures on my phone. There's not enough room to download it."
A: "Okay, I have a plan. Just delete all the pictures that have no smiles."

Hmmm...You have a great strategy there little boy.
I did just that. And he now a happy little camper building buildings and smashing down walls and stuff. 

Happy Funny Friday to you!

Jamie :)