Friday, May 30, 2014

Summer random things

We've  had our patio set for 5 or 6 years now and never got an umbrella for it.

 When we've had birthday parties outside and people over, we've borrowed my sweet in-law's umbrella. 

Why? Because we just have done without it I guess and possibly not wanted to spend extra money on that. But I was SO excited when I saw in the target ad this Room Essentials Patio umbrella on sale for $45 instead of $65. It's not for sale at that price anymore, but it is on sale for $52. Still a good deal. 
I just love the turquoise stripes. By far turquoise is one of my favorite colors. Love. It works perfect!

Room Essentials™ Patio Umbrella - 7.5'

I shared this photo on Instagram. 

I want to try to be more "natural" and safe with my skin and my kid's skin. So I went to The Honest Company and ordered some sunscreen (that we all can use), bubble bath, Shampoo and conditioner and hand sanitizer.

 I got a great deal with a coupon. I am really loving everything. Like a lot. The sunscreen goes on so smooth, it's not thick and doesn't leave a white look either. The S & C smells divine and left my hair super soft. The kid's love the bubbles! And the hand sanitizer is so handy to bring with me everywhere. We always need that. And I love that these products are natural and have organic ingredients. You could bundle and save by getting a monthly delivery. I did not choose that option but will definitely be thinking about it. 
This bag. Is too cute! It's a "Hobo Handbag." Can I just say that I think "Hobo" is such a weird way to describe a bag. Are you with me on that? I looked up the definition by the way. Check it out here. I still think it's odd
 The bright colors are screaming summmmer. It works great as a purse/diaper bag. And it was only $19.99. Hello GREAT deal! It's practical, pretty and perfect. And I love it so much. 

Mossimo Supply Co. Geometric Print Hobo Handbag - Black

Much brighter in person.


This quacamole is delish! And so easy because they're in single serve packages. Up my alley! Easy! I got a box from Costco and since I'm the only one in the house that likes it I've loved every single last one of those 134 packages ;). I dip my carrots in it and it's so yummy.  

Organic Guacamole

 And my kid's FAVORITE juice boxes are these. And Austin is picky so that says something. And I love it that they're organic and not full of sugar like most juice boxes. They are a bit more pricey but that's ok with me. 


Jamie :)

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