Thursday, August 7, 2014

I LOVE Chalkboards!

Chalkboards are my favorite form of decoration! 

Really & Truly! 

Earlier this year my friend and I went to Goodwill and I bought a bunch of frames! I wasn't exactly sure what my plan would be but I thought they looked like nice n' sturdy a decent price. 

I saw BIG potential in this frame right here. I actually had it hanging in my bathroom for awhile until I had time to change it up. You know, to cover the blank wall :) (even though it's not my taste).

I used some blue tape to cover the outer frame. I bought some chalkboard spray paint and went to town spray painting! I did 2 coats.

 I bought this kind from Walmart HERE. It works great! 

Be careful, the spray paint really stains your hands. True story. :)

I also bought some blue-gray spray paint to do the frame. And then, I decided what to write on my new frame. 

I also used the spray paint color to paint the other 2 frames I bought from the Goodwill. They were all gold and didn't really go with my vision for the bathroom. They are not *perfect* but I LOVE them! :)

Here are some of my other chalkboards I've made...

I love to look at them during the day as a reminder to myself. I also believe that my kiddos will be able to read them and memorize Bible verses from these frames some day. 

This one was actually made with a chalkboard sticker over cardboard. Therefore, it is very difficult to write with chalk because the surface isn't as hard. But it still works :)!

I've been looking to purchase these chalkboard markers HERE. They look fun.

God Bless,

Jamie :)

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