Monday, August 11, 2014

Inspirational Monday #3

When I have time, I love to sit and read a book.

Today I'm going to talk about some books that I need to get reading or finish. 
I start like 3 or 4 books at a time :) because I want to start reading my new books at the same time. Are you that type of person, too?

My sweet Mom got me this book and I really am enjoying it! Click HERE to get it. 

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The title says it all: "Parenting with Scripture." Oh, so important. Using scripture to parent. Much needed.

Here's another wonderful book for #boymoms. It is really helpful for me as a Mom.
My Mom also got me this book. She is so thoughtful :)! I love her so much!!

Click HERE to check it out. 

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My 6 year old is getting to be such a big and independent boy. And my 3 year old still loves to be held by his Mommy (I love it). But he also enjoys doing more tasks by himself. Like put bread in the toaster to make his own peanut butter toast. 

I'm so proud of the little men they are becoming. 

Here's my last book that I need to read and already own. "You're Already Amazing" By: Holley Gerth. God already thinks we are amazing just the way. we already are. How fabulous is that?! 

Click HERE to see it.

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I am constantly being unwise with my time. Instead of turning on the TV when the kids are in bed, I could be reading a book.  I am going to pray that God helps me use my time more wisely so I can finish these awesome books. 

Because, reading just a couple pages of an inspiring book completely can change my mind set on positive and good things. 

And that's a great feeling! 

Happy Monday to YOU!

Jamie :)

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