Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday Favorites!

I'm linking up today with these sweet-hearted ladies...

These are some of my favorite feelings :)


This quote of Holley Gerth's on Instagram spoke to my heart. It was exactly what I needed to hear on that particular day. 
Has that ever happened to you?  
It encouraged me and allowed me to "give it to God."  

Thank you, Holley!


The weather has been so beautiful lately in MN. Windows open and I love it!!

 I'm so grateful. We've been having fun playing soccer in the yard, running around and playing catch. 

I mean, look at that sweet smile. He's so sweet and he loves him Mommy so much. 


Speaking of nice days. On this particular day, My Dad went to the park with us. Austin and him were playing catch and I just loved watching them play. I remember when Austin was a little toddler playing with "Boppa" and now as a 6 year old he can play catch with him. They've went fishing together as well. I love seeing them together. Especially since my Mom and Dad had 2 daughters. They now have 3 grandsons and I think that is so special.

Have a great Friday!!

Jamie :)

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