Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Family Fun Time in Florida

We feel so fortunate to have went to Florida during Austin's MEA break. It was so much fun!

Here we are waiting at the airport to board our plane. We were very excited to join the rest of the family in Florida. I absolutely love my family. Family are forever friends and it is an honor to spend time together. 
Sidenote: If you look closely at my neck you can see my poison ivy rash. It was also on my face but it's not very obvious in this photo. The boys and I were playing catch and the ball went into our woods that are full of poison ivy. I got the ball and must have touched my face afterwards. To be honest, I didn't think that I touched any poison ivy. But I did indeed and was so very itchy-itchy. I had a hard time not itching it and I can only imagine how hard it is for kiddos to not itch it. It was a bummer but fortunately my husband encouraged me to see the Doctor the day before leaving. I got a prescription for Prednisone which helped very quickly. Praise God :)!

We spent almost every day at the beach. The weather was so beautiful in the 80's and the ocean water was pretty warm.

Troy loved the sand the most. He was afraid of the big waves, he told me. He enjoyed feeding pretzels to the birds and making sand castles.

He also liked standing on the boogie board in the shallow water.

This big boy was loving the waves. He rode those waves over and over. 

Me and my boys :)!

Here's my Mom and Austin playing in the waves. 

My fun and fearless Uncle also brought this huge tube. It was so much fun riding the waves on it. 

We swam in a couple different pools, too. Here's Grayson, Troy and Taylor. Good buddies/cousins!

Taylor was "the wife" and Troy was "the husband." They are so cute together!

We got some yummy and healthy smoothies at this shop. Funny story is that I didn't know if Austin would like some of the fruity flavors or the green healthy smoothie. He said he didn't. He wanted a pop (which I don't let him drink). Therefore, I got him a peanut butter + chocolate smoothie. He didn't like it BUT he liked mine. And the smoothie I got for myself was... a healthy berry/kale/spinach smoothie. He wanted it and I was happy he was getting the healthy nutrients! :)

Austin and Grayson! 

Bike ride with my big boy enjoying the beautiful weather.

The super kind backyard neighbor has 2 of these pretty birds. We enjoyed watching the birds. 

The tree below is covered with these gorgeous white birds. Every evening at around the same time they would cover this tree and in the morning they would leave. They were so white and fluffy. We enjoyed watching them. The kids would run to the window to see them :).

On our way home driving through the historic down town. 

This kid was absolutely exhausted and he fell asleep like this on the way home. 

Troy + Tay at the airport together. :)

We had an awesome time and it was SO great to get home to be back with Daddy again. 

Happy Day to you!
Jamie :)

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