Friday, October 24, 2014

Yay for {Friday Favorites}!

I'm super pumped to share my Friday Favorites with you. I'm linking up with the beautiful...

Up First...

I just love Fall! I've grown to love the season more & more over the years. Just this past week I put up my fall wreath and planted some bright yellow mums in our planters in front of our house. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see those pretty bright flowers each time I leave or come home. And we carved our pumpkins. It was so much fun!

Here's my Troy boy trying to carve his pumpkin. He had the cutest face each time he would touch all the insides. He giggled and then looked a bit disgusted at his hands. :) When he was done he was happy to be cleaned up. 

Here are my men carving their pumpkins. Austin did not like pulling out the insides, either. Those 2 boys can get muddy muddy and touch slimy fish but they don't like the pumpkin guts. Funny boys!

Our finished pumpkins. Austin wanted a really scary one (his is the middle one). I did the best I could as far as scary goes ;). 

And how cool do they look? It's so much fun to light the pumpkin candles at night. 

So last Sunday we had a "Cousin Reunion." My sweet cousin, Laure'n, thought of getting us all together. I sure am happy she did, too! It was an absolute blast. These are only some of the cousins. And our spouses came as well as the kiddos, but they weren't in these bottom 2 photos. I have many good memories growing up with these cousins and it was awesome to see each other again. 
We went to eat at the Pizza Ranch in a reserved room and then went to a pumpkin patch. It was the best idea and I think we will need to have this be an annual thing. A favorite and anticipated get together it was!!

Silly poses ;)

And this beautiful lady is my cousin and I love her so much! 

Here are more of us cousins together!

Speaking of fall, this coffee creamer is so yummy! A definite morning favorite of mine! I put it in my coffee and then top it off with a giant swirl of whipped cream. So SO good! Who's counting calories or sugar anyways? ;)

And are these not the cutest n' sweetest little feet?! 

Stripes + Hearts + Sparkly shoes + Beautiful fall weather = 1 happy girl!

Happy Friday to you!!
Jamie :)

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