Wednesday, November 12, 2014

48 Hour Challenge

At Bible Study last night we talked about doing a fast from social media for 48 hours. For me, that would be 2 days without Instagram and Facebook. And I thought it would awesome if every time the temptation came on The Bible would be our rescue.

I'm up for that challenge. Are you? 

Going on a fast from Social Media isn't a new thing. 
Check out another Jamie's blog post HERE about her take on it. 

Source HERE.

At bedtime I find myself scrolling through my Instagram feed before going to sleep. But, last night instead I used the time to pray. I even thought about going to the family room to watch TV until I got sleepy.  I fought that off and stayed in bed praying and thinking about the amazing people in my life. My hubby was already sleeping. And I went to sleep peacefully and woke up rested. :)

It's possible. 

Later this week I will update you!

Have a fantastic Wednesday :)!!


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