Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fawn Doe Rosa

This summer I couldn't wait to take my kids to the Fawn-Doe-Rosa! I just knew they'd love it now that they're getting a little older. I remember going there when Austin was just about 1.5 months old with my in-laws for their anniversary. It was so much fun! And here we were, 7 years later :).

As soon as we entered, the deer (and other animals) came to us. Such a warm welcome ;). This was Austin's expression for the first time when they were digging into his bag for food. Complete shock and joy at the same time! I love it!!

Proudly standing with one of the bucks. 

Troy was also loving it! He kept feeding them very generous amounts :).

Look at all the deer at Austin's fingertips. He so enjoyed feeding them and taking in their beauty.

We fed the ducks, too. And there were 2 baby fawns in this gated area with their Mom and Dad under a big tree. Such a beautiful place.

Farmer Troy :).

How cute is this pony!

Cute little piglets eating away.

We weren't allowed to touch the deer's antlers because of the fuzz on them. But how amazing to look at.

This silly boy was enjoying the adorable goats.

He picked one right up. Strong 4 year old he is!

He even asked if we could get a goat. 

My sweet hubby and I sure had fun with our family here. It was a perfect family fun outing. 

Jamie :)

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