Friday, October 16, 2015

favorite things//fall moments

Today I'm talking all about some Friday Favorites and I'm linking up with Erika, Andrea, and Narci! I'm blogging about some fun stuff (I will not mention that my boys have strep throat this week. Poor boys!!)

1.) Last weekend was absolutely gorgeous! It was 70's on Saturday and my oldest had a soccer game. Watching his soccer games are one of my all time fave things to do! I want to keep my eyes glued to his game the entire time. Of course I love chatting but oh how I enjoy cheering him! The team is a blast to watch!

We're so proud of our strong and determined 7 year old!

2.) In the cooler weather this fall it sure has been a good time playing in our woods...climbing trees and crunching the leaves under our feet. My middle child is such a little monkey! I can remember fun times as a child climbing trees and exploring the woods. 

3.) We got the chance to attend a glorious wedding reception for my dear friend. The decor was amazing and the bride was stunning! What a great time we had. Dancing is always so much fun!

4.) I've taken pics of this trail before because it is just dreamy. I love the pine tree lined path with the tiny bit of light at the end. Love!! This is my favorite little running trail to get to. It's almost like a reward to myself :).

5.) I've never created new crayons from old ones. But this day we did and I'm so happy we finally did! And it's so much easier than I thought it'd be. Just take off all the paper from the old crayons. Randomly place the pieces into an old muffin tin (or these oven safe star molds I have). Bake at 200 degrees for about 20 minutes or until all melted. Then let them sit for 1-2 hrs until completely cool and hard. Pop out and color away. What a blast!!

6.) I've been binge watching episodes of The OC at bedtime lately. This show brings me back to my teenage years. I remember my husband (then boyfriend) coming over to my parent's to watch this show weekly. Haha! 

7.) I just got this hand soap and it smells so so good! I've realized that I'm in love with the scent of lemongrass. Give me all the lemons :).

Earth Friendly Products Hand Soap, Lemongrass, 17-Ounce Bottle (Pack of 6)

8.) I've almost done with the book. Live Love Lead by: Brian Houston. I got the book from a Hillsong concert I went to recently. Brian Houston was there and gave everyone a copy of his book. How generous! And it is an extremely motivating book!!

Happy weekend to you!

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