Friday, February 7, 2014

My boys!

My boys!

Let's start the weekend out right with a little humor, 
brought to you by my sweet boys!

Every. single. day. I smile and laugh with them! 


A & T are so funny and sweet. 

I am so grateful God blessed me with them.


Out of nowhere, while we were eating supper, 

Austin says

 "What if our family name was The Jolly Ranchers?" 

Yes, Austin, What if? :)

Austin Jolly Rancher. 
Sounds great! ;)

And Austin said this awhile ago but I will never forget it!

A: "Mom! I want to ask you something."
Me: "Yes, Austin."
A: If I met God, would he stomp on me?"
Me: "No, hunny. He would give you a big hug and pick you up." :)
A: "With his great big hands?"
Me: "Yes."

I thought that was so cute. 


Troy boy is a happy boy when his clothes are OFF. 

He came into the world wearing nothing and would love to stay that way. 

But, he does need to wear at least a pull-up. 

So, every time he starts saying "HULK!" 

We all know what's going to happen....

 his shirt is coming off!

Or he'll rip his shirt off as fast as he possibly can 

and proudly announce to everyone "HULK!!" 

And then he'll make that tough guy face.

Oh, Troy boy, you're adorable!!

Happy weekend to you!

Enjoy every precious day!
Enjoy life!

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