Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Colorful Top 3

My Top 3

Have I told you how much I LOVE Kohl's?!

Well I love that place.
Too much.
They have everything!

A couple Fridays ago I went to Kohl's after work. It was the Friday where we had that big snow storm. If you are from MN, I'm sure you remember it! WOW!  My hubby took the day off of work (and that never happens) and drove me TO work. It was actually very nice being chauffeured to work.  And I'll be honest and say if I drove myself to work that day....I would have most likely been in the ditch 10+ times. HA! We left at 5am and got to my work 1 hour early! Then he was waiting in the parking lot for me after work. How sweet :)! 

So, after work....we I went into Kohl's. I had a couple things on my agenda to get. Fast. Because we needed to pick up our cute little kiddos. I picked up some super awesome shoes for my big boy A. 

Here they are....


FILA Crater 2 Running Shoes - Boys

Cute! I just hoped he'd like them. And he did because they're his school colors. But, Austin didn't know how to tie shoes. So, that was a little fiasco. He didn't want to ask for help at school to tie his shoes. So, we spent the weekend talking about tying the bunny ears :). Then he felt the left and right shoes looked similar and wanted me to draw arrows and left/right on the correct shoes. :) Genius. So that's what we did. And, also wrote his name on each shoe. I didn't mention it but he lost his pair of tennis shoes at school. And last winter he lost his snow boots. So...I will be the Mom writing his name on everything. :)

I then went to the sock area and found these HAPPY socks. They make me smile each time I put them on :)! 


SO 3-pk. Polka-Dot & Stripe No-Show Socks
Don't they scream Spring?! And they're under $7. Check them out. They also make me excited to work out with my bright shoes I also got at Kohl's. 
These are similar. But, think more neon pink. I love pink. 

  Nike Flex Trainer 3 Cross-Trainers - Women

I use to be the girl who wore these socks. Nothing is wrong with plain.

SONOMA life + style 6-pk. Ankle Socks
But it is so much more fun to wear socks with some COLOR sometimes.
And check out these other fun socks

SO 3-pk. Chevron & Stripe No-Show Socks

adidas 6-pk. ClimaLite SuperLite No-Show Socks - Women

Skechers 3-pk. Go Walk No-Show Socks- Women

SO 3-pk. Polka-Dot & Stripe No-Show Socks

And check out these cute shirts that are under $9...


Mudd Burnout Shirttail Tee - Juniors

 Love them all. 

Mudd Burnout Shirttail Tee - Juniors

You could totally dress them up with some beautiful Jewelry.

 I will be posting about Jewelry tomorrow :) Stay tuned!

Mudd Burnout Shirttail Tee - Juniors

Mudd Burnout Shirttail Tee - Juniors
Mudd Burnout Shirttail Tee - Juniors
Mudd Burnout Shirttail Tee - Juniors

Mudd Burnout Shirttail Tee - Juniors

Mudd Burnout Shirttail Tee - Juniors

Think Spring!

Jamie :)

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