Friday, March 7, 2014

My little Troy is 3!

Happy Birthday to my Troy boy!

I've been reminiscing about his birth this past week.
Thinking..."How is he ALREADY 3 years old?!"
I've been told by my wonderful Mom 
"The days are long but the years are short"

No lie.
It's so true.
Too true!

He was born 2 weeks early. My hubby and I were NOT ready. We did NOT have a bag packed, prepared to go in to the hospital like we should have. We didn't think he'd be 2 weeks early. Our first son was 4 days late so we thought Troy would be right on time. Oh, no. God has a sense of humor. We went to Edinborough Park that Sunday after Church. I was in the tunnels with my first son, going down the slides and crawling up little stairs. Like I probably shouldn't have. On the way home, which was over an hour, I felt contractions. I was sitting in the middle seat in the back of my parent's car and I was just watching the car clock. Counting the contractions and how many minutes in between. Trying to keep everything memorized in my head.

 Here are the tubes at the indoor park. It's really beautiful and a total blast!

Here's Austin pushing me around on one of the scooters.

Finally after counting the consistency. I said "Umm...I should let you all know that my contractions are more consistent. I've been counting them and watching the clock." Right away my Dad was like "you'd better go in right away." My hubby said "So, do I need to take you in?" He's so relaxed, which is what I need. So we came to our car that was parked at the gas station. My parents took A to their house while I went to get "checked out." Because I just knew that they'd say I was fine to go back home. 

That's not how it went. We stayed and about 5 hours later....Troy was born! I was so worried that his lungs weren't strong enough since he was EXACTLY 2 weeks early. 
But thank God he was perfectly healthy! Praise God! He was such a sweet & happy baby!! By the way, try explaining to your hubby what things to go home and pack for you. I had no idea what shirt/pants/jeans would fit me after I had Troy & where they were located. I had to make sure he brought my make-up, shampoo & conditioner, comb and etc. Whew! That was tough :). For him and me. And then I had to explain what clothes to bring for Troy. Word of advice my dear friends: Please Be PREPARED--1 month in advance to save your sanity. Haha!  I really mean it. But you are probably more prepared than me. I am also the one this past Christmas who did ALL my Christmas shopping on one day by myself 5 days before Christmas. Next year, that's not happening again. I assure you. 

Here are some photos a couple weeks before our sweet boy was born.

Austin kissing my belly. Awww :)

2 days before he was born. At our nephew's birthday party at the rollar rink. 

Here's right after Troy was born. So tiny & cute!

And here are many more fun photos of T boy. 
They are not in any particular order. Just a variety of some of my favorites :). 
It was so hard to choose.


Now as a 3 year old, Troy boy is full of energy & giggles.
I just love our sweet Troy so SO much. 
He is a fantastic brother & a complete JOY to be around. 

Happy 3rd Birthday to Troy!

He lights up our lives!

We love him sooo much!

Party time tomorrow & a fun 'n relaxing day today!

Jamie :)

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