Saturday, April 26, 2014

I don't cry over spilt milk anymore

Milk or water gets spilt regularly in our household.

And I just don't get frustrated about it anymore. 

It's an accident.

 Life goes on. 
There use to be times where I'd say "Now, how'd that happen?!" or "Ughhh! What a mess!" Because if you know me, you'd know that I use to like things to be neat and orderly. 

But since having the boys...that idea flew out the window. And it's good! :) I think God blessed me with those boys to break me of that. I'm not saying it's not good to be organized and clean. Because it is a good thing to an extent. I try the best I can. But, if there are toys all over the living doesn't really matter. And if my dishes have piled up in the's going to be okay. And if there are 3 piles of laundry waiting to be folded...I'll get to it. And if I need to clean up spilt liquids on the floor...that's alright.

Positive thinking.
Is key!

Picture this--> You just pour your sweet 3 year old a nice n' cold glass of milk at the table with lunch. He starts to bring the glass to his mouth and drops the cup. Milk is spilt on the table which is dripping onto the chair and his cute little outfit. The milk then drips downnnn onto the floor leaving a big puddle of milk surrounding the glass. Woops!

How do you respond?!

This happened not too long ago for me. 

I looked into my adorable son's big brown eyes staring up at me.

And I smiled and said "It's okay. Accidents happen." He then smiled :). I helped him take a bath to get cleaned up and thought "He needed a bath, anyways, tonight."

And I started cleaning up at the table.  And I thought to myself...the table and chair needed to be cleaned up anyways and the floor was getting dirty. Now I was able to wash the floor up cleaner than it was before the spilt milk. That, my friends, is  how I try to react to these situations.

Example #2

The bed linens get wet from an overly wet pull-up.

I say to myself "I needed to wash the bed linens anyways." 

Find the positive in any situation, you'll be happy you did.
Because there are much bigger things going on in the world than spilt milk.

God Bless you.

Jamie :)

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