Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Good books for Kindergarten boys

Austin LOVES to read!! 

He thoroughly enjoys it. 

He likes me to read chapters from his "Minecraft" handbooks and chapters in his kid's Bible. I think he's over the comic books for now....thank goodness because that print is tiny and hard for me to follow. 

When he was little we'd go to the library regularly and read books at home. Austin would love picking out all those big picture books. I miss those days when we would sit and read book after book with him cuddled on my lap. 

 Reading is so important to start at a young age. I heard that all. the. time. But...turns's very true! Once in KG, he started bringing 2 books home from school daily with a record sheet for me to write the names of the books and what number he received. He loved getting 4's!! Like, he was really sad if he didn't get a 4 :). A 4 meant that he didn't need any help reading the book and a 1 would mean that a majority of the words were read to him.

 At bedtime one night he read me one of the books. I think it was called "The Amazing Ocean." That book was tough & long! So he got a 2 (his first 2 and he's never gotten a 1). And he was a sad little boy. But, I told him the next time he reads it he'll probably know more of the words. 

Finding good books is key! I am not really a fan of the "Captain Underpants" books. He got one from school and he enjoyed getting it read to him. But, it had characters like "Professor Poopypants." Although it was good at grabbing his attention I got extremely tired about his talking about poopy pants throughout the day. He actually got quite a collection of those books. Since reading through them all and after I discovered my dislike for them....we haven't been reading them. And A has not even mentioned them. 

My beautiful + wonderful Mom recently bought these books. "The Sugar Creek Gang" books are the best!! Austin loves getting these chapter books read to him and they are GOOD. Every character in the "gang" is unique, fun and they talk about Jesus Christ and that is cool. Austin wants to start a "gang" of boys like they have. A good gang.

You can purchase them here at Amazon

Happy Reading!

Jamie :)

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