Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Fun

We've already been having a lot of fun this summer.

But I wanted to make a formal list of the things that we've wanted to do (some we've already done!).


Here we go...

1. Go to the beach
2. Tent out at our house
3. Go to the Farmer's Market in town
4. Play at different parks
5. Have ice cream before lunch
6. Go to a water park
7. Austin go to Football camp
8. Walk around our cute town
9. Have a water balloon fight
10. Get muddy
11. Go on walks
12. Go to the Library
13. Spend a day in our PJ's
14. Have a late supper 
15. Eat freezies outside
16. Swim in Grandma's pool
17. Fish/boat at T & K's
18. Go fishing at Blue lake
19. Go to a parade
20. Go to our county fair
21. Have playdates with friends
22. Go to the Zoo
23. Go to Gooseberry Falls
24. A & T go to Vacation Bible School
25. Play Hide n Seek outside
26. Catch fire flies
27. Have a bonfire with smores

And I'm sure I could go on & on...

Happy Summer to you!

What's on your summer list? I'd love to hear some other fun ideas!

Jamie :)

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