Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Life lately

Schools out for the summer!

And boy is Austin happy! This was him on his very last day of Kindergarten. 
He really has enjoyed Kindergarten and learned so much. That makes me happy. He told me on the way to school "I think my teachers will have tears in their eyes." What a sweetie.

This boy is done with school, too. He started PreK in March when he turned 3. He loved every second of it. He actually cried when we went to his school to bring Thank you cards to his teachers because he wanted to stay. :) 

Bathroom Selfie time. 

Austin has had football camp this week. And he's really had a blast. It is an excellent program. It's also been fun chit chatting with other Mommy friends, too. 

We are going to make the most of Whether it be to take a walk, go to a park, have a freezie, go on a bike ride, go to the beach or's going to be fabulous!!

Hope yours' is, too.

Jamie :)

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