Saturday, June 14, 2014

Taking time

Everyone has a story. And when I get a chance, I love to hear their stories.

We went to the beach on Tuesday after Football camp. The kids loved going to the beach. First beach day this summer. Woohoo!

Austin wanted to be buried in the sand. I happily covered him in sand. I felt like a big happy kid :). And he loved it. Especially when I tickled his cute little toes!

Breaking free.

Troy boy's turn.

Didn't last long. He wanted out.

When the kids were done swimming, we walked over to the playground. It was really a fun time. This summer I want to spend more time visiting new n' cool playgrounds.

Austin mingles very well with other kids. He was playing on the big jungle gym that spins around. After, he decided to swing on the swings. Next time I looked at him, there was an older boy pushing him. I thought that was sweet. I smiled at him and thanked him for being so nice to Austin. He was such a polite boy. I wished his Mom was there so I could tell her she's doing a great job raising such a nice and polite boy.

Then, Troy wanted a push so this boy pushed him while chatting with me. He said he came with his little brother who I think was 5 or 6. He then told me his name was Josh and he was going into 7th grade. He said his one sister is 18 years old and has a boyfriend but doesn't care about anyone at home. That made me feel sad for him. I told him that one day she will care about him. That age is tough. But, seriously, this boy was so kind and has a bright future ahead of him. I just know it. I pray for that boy. His smile was bright and full of braces. And I appreciate the kindness he showed to my kiddos.

We went to Target last week. While we were checking out there was a cute elderly couple behind us. She was smiling at me and asked how old my kids were. I told her and she said they were cuties. She said they have brown eyes and she is partial to brown eyes. Her eyes were a beautiful blue color. She asked her husband how many grandkids they had :) and he said 17. Wow! We said good bye and I stopped by the restrooms. We ended up walking outside at almost the same time. They were walking in front of us and close to eachother and then he held her hand. I melted! How adorable. We walked by them and I told them they were so cute and that I hoped my husband and I would be like that one day. They beamed with joy and told me that I would with those cute kids of mine. :) She told me they've been married for 57 years and he said 59 years. 57 or 59 years is a long wonderful time. That is amazing and such an inspiration!

Here they are holding hands.

Maybe this will inspire you to get to know someone new. 

Jamie :)

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