Thursday, July 10, 2014

Creamy apple dip

I have a really simple dip to tell you about. You will love it!

I  actually got the recipe from a work friend, Brittany. She brought it for a potluck last year and I devoured it! I asked her on the spot how to make it and she told me the ingredients so here we go...

You will need:
-Greek yogurt (I used plain)
-Creamy peanut butter
-Green apples (I like it with green apples)

No measuring needed.
 I just spooned about half and half of peanut butter and greek yogurt. I guess a little more yogurt. About 3/4 cup of each. I drizzled honey in the middle. Probably a couple tablespoons.

Mix it up really good. It ends up being a very creamy and velvet like consistency.

There you have it! Creamy apple dip. Green apple's best friend.

Troy boy loved it! I was so happy. The last time I made it he wouldn't try it. 


And just for fun, here he was napping in my arms in the afternoon after a lot of outside playing time. Him napping in my arms doesn't happen very often and I truly treasure the times it does. I just love that cuddly and sweet 3 year old! He's always saying "Mommy, hold me." He is really attached to me...and I LOVE it! :)

Happy day to you!

Jamie :)

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