Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The IL Vacay: Part 2

Last week we visited my sister in IL. We had a really fun time. 

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Taylor and I were all ready for another fun filled day! She loves it when I do her hair :) and of course, I love it, too! 

On the third day we picked up Chick Fil-A and headed to Independence Grove Park. We had a picnic on the dock watching the fish. The BIG fish. My Mom even named some of them funny names. :) The kids loved that!

Big carp. Austin was super bummed he didn't bring his "fishin rod" because he totally would've easily caught one of them and stuffed it on his wall! His words. Like father like son.

We played on the amazing play ground there and had a blast!

Afterwards, Ice Cream! At this amazing & cute shop with oh-so-many different kinds of ice cream. I could barely make a decision! But, I decided on Strawberrry cheesecake. Yummy!

The 3 little ones were so cute together eating and chatting.

My sista and I.

 After this, my parents kept the kiddos and we had a fun night together. We went on a walk, watched a movie at her house and also went out for THE most delish pizza ever! The cheese was underneath the sauce. Like melt in your mouth deliciousness!

While we were in IL the day before we also went to the Mall. It's been awhile since I've been to the mall and it was so nice to walk around, talk and relax. When we went it was pouring rain outside so it was a great time to be indoors. 

Austin couldn't go into "Yo kids Island" Because he was too big :(. 
But he could do this! And he was pumped and a little hesistant.

Going up high...

and higher!

Stace and I walked around with Troy and Grayson. Our cute little shoppers.
We tried on hats. 

And so did the little ones :). They're totally adorable! :)

We went to Century Park on the last full day in IL. Scott joined us since he was off work. And it was so great to hang out with him. 

We played on the fun playground equipment like the big kids that we are :). 

Almost all of us got in the picture. :)

They were pretending to be statues. Very still and steady they were!

Tay and Troy helped carry a bag together.

Working together. 

Love this!

At the Carnival!! :)

These boys are so sweet & silly!

Troy wanted to carry Taylor.

They are seriously like the cutest together.

Ride time!

The big boy and me! :)

More fun rides!

This was definitely a favorite. Austin probably went on it like 10 + times!

This was Taylor's favorite. The roller coaster.

There were fireworks at dark and they were gorgeous. Here's Scott and Grayson watching them together. Cute!

The next morning we headed out. On our way home my Mom read books to him just about the whole time. She is amazing! She loves to read and so does A!

We were home in the evening and the boys were asleep by 7 pm.  Exhausted from a fantastic Vacay to IL!

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