Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Date night with my oldest son

School started for Austin last week. So this past Saturday I took full advantage of a free evening to spend with him. This past Monday my sweet Austin was sick at school with a fever. He stayed home yesterday and today and will be home tomorrow, too. Which makes me even more grateful that I got the chance to spend time with him last Saturday
I told him I was going to take him on a "Date night with Mom." 

He didn't like that title so he called it a "Fun night with Mom." 

Whatev, I'll still call it the Date night :)! Sweetness with my big boy.

I was brainstorming all sorts of things we could do...
-Go to the Ninja Turtle movie
-Go out to eat at Applebee's
-Get ice cream
-Go fishing

Then I thought that if it's a date night with A--I should let HIM decide what we are going to do. Am I right?

So he didn't want to go to the movie but wanted to go to DQ and get a chicken strip basket with their special toast. He is his Father's child...they both love that meal.

Unfortunately, the DQ in the town we were going to was not one that had the chicken strip basket. A was bummed but agreed to Culver's since they had some of the same things.

On our way there it was so nice just A and I in the car. I can't even remember the last time it was just us without the littles.  I mentioned to him that before Troy was born it was just us 3 (Austin, Daddy and I). all the time. We talked about when he was born and how excited we were to have a baby boy.

Topic of conversation during our, football, farts, school, pop and a secret. Haha!
 He talked nonstop and I LOVED it! It was so sweet just him and I. He's grown into such a handsome young man. 

We got some Concrete Mixers. Yummy! He got Reese's PB cup and I got a Pumpkin cheesecake one. So SO good!

He was opening up the door for some people because I try to teach him about being a gentleman. He asked if Daddy opens the doors for me. Ummm....sometimes :). 

We stopped at Gamestop to look at the Cabela's hunting games for the Wii. Winter is acoming and that's the time he likes to play the Wii. He has barely touched it since last Spring. We scored a game for $3.99. Niiice!

Before coming to Nanny's to pick up the little ones, we went fishing for a bit. No catches but I got some grand pointers from A. He really does know what he's doing. He can cast like a lie! :)

It brought us closer. I love him. I realized we need to do this way more often.

Jamie :)

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