Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Favorites!

It's Friday again!  

I'm linking up again with these fun ladies...
for Friday Favorites.

Here we go 2 of my favorites episodes/movies I've watched this week...


I've been inspired, you all! :) In a great way!

I watched an episode of Tiny House Nation last night HERE.
Please watch their episode. I think you will be inspired as well!

Touring the Perfect Prairie Cottage

Ryan and Kim Kasl downsized their home big time for an amazing opportunity. 

The love this family has for each other is so evident. And they seriously are one of the sweetest families I know. I thought it was so inspiring because I think about the wonderful closeness a family is able to encounter by being in a 207 square foot home together.
 I am so excited for them.

Check out Kim's blog HERE.

 I was thinking about it last night while I was upstairs watching the episode on my computer as well as cleaning up the dining area. My kids were in different areas of the house. The future was brought to my mind... about one day when I will miss the times we are at home *close* together. My kids mean so much to me and I want to be the very best Mom possible. I want to be 100% present, too.

I also got to thinking about all the "stuff" we have. Bins of toys that are not played with and so many books. Last night Troy helped me get a bag of toys and books to donate. We need to clean up more as well. But you know the moment you start taking a toy no one has played with for months is the moment the child wants to play with it. Happen to you? :)

Tonight we are having a fun family night! I can't wait!


This week we rented & watched "Heaven is for Real." And I loved it! You can buy it HERE.

Tears were welling up in my eyes for most of the movie. All of the amazing talk about Heaven just made me have tears of joy. Heaven will be such a beautiful and wonderful place one day. I loved how vibrant the colors in Heaven were when Colton was there. 

It was a very well made movie. I enjoyed all of Austin's great questions during the movie, too. 

Check it out!

See ya!


  1. Stopping by from the link up! I loved Heaven is for Real as well... Such a sweet, strong story!!

    Come by and say hi

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sarita! Yes, that movie is such a strong story! I read the book first and was happy to see the movie, too! :)

  2. I too watched that show with them! So neat for them, I can't imagine personally, but to each their own. I want to see that movie! You are a wonderful mother Jamie. Each and every day you put your children first and they know it. LOVE YOU

  3. Thank you, Crystal! And you are a fantastic Mother as well! :) I love you, too!