Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Frogs, Fishing and The First day of First grade

I want this to be my online family album of special memories, thoughts, praises, growth and faith. 
I love my sweet family so much!

Today I am talking about some of our special moments.

We went to the State Fair last week. 
Austin and Troy (& Boppa) loved going to the DNR building and seeing all of the fish. 
And we all loved to eat some good food, too!

Yesterday was Austin's very first day of first grade! He went to bed the night before happily and woke up happy! We prayed a couple times before he went onto the bus, for him, his friends, the teachers and school. 

On the bus he went. 

He had a wonderful first day and I was so happy. 

After school picture. Smiles!

If I could use some words to describe our summer, some of them would be FROGS & FISH.

The kids caught 5 frogs and 3 salamanders at the camp site one day. They were so happy!!

This boy brought this tree frog all over the place. And put it on his head...

on his fingers and arms.  
He EVEN brought it into the house because he couldn't let it go he loved it so. And after our fun weekend of camping with family....I found it on the wall by the front door.
 Troy must have left it in the house when we left. Silly boy! I thought he let it go. 

This big boy caught this bass! Daddy and him went out fishing last Sunday morning and caught this one all by himself. Daddy landed it for him. He was one happy 1st grader!! :) And we were so proud of him.

We all went out on Labor day and Troy fished.

Daddy caught this fish when we were getting ready to call it quits for fishing. My happy & handsome boys!

Hope you had a wonderful summer, too!!

Jamie :)

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