Thursday, September 4, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

Last weekend was the perfect ending to a wonderful summer! 
School started on Tuesday for Austin.
 It was great to be *busy* because I think it kept my mind (and kinda sad heart) off of the cry wagon of Austin entering the FIRST grade! My how time really does fly by. And also for him to stay busy with all the fun with family! 

We went on tractor-trailer rides. The kids loved that. They got to spend some time with out of state cousins and family which was amazing!

A kick-ball game was played and that was a blast to watch. 
Austin doesn't love me taking lots of photos of him, so this is him pointing at me to put the camera down. He played so well!

Here are the other men in the outfield waiting for the ball.

Morning breakfast of champions...Reese's puffs. Austin loves that cereal.

He even knows the song on the commercial for the cereal. It's really cute, it was a surprise when I heard him singing it because I didn't know he knew the song. 
He didn't mind me video-taping it either :).

Sunday evening we cleaned up our camp stuff and went home. These were the clouds by our house. I've never seen them like that before. It rained a lot but we were safe in our home :)

Jamie :)

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