Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Favorite Moments

Niiice weather today and through the weekend. Think above 35 degrees and up to 45 degrees! That is awesome!! I hope you're having a wave of nice weather, too!

I just love linking up with these ladies:


 Last Friday evening we had a fun girls Christmas party with a few of my FAVORITE friends!

We laughed, ate a delicious meal, laughed some more, exchanged cookies, swapped cute scarves and a fun white elephant gift. Honestly, the white elephant gift exchange was absolutely hilarious. So, if you're having a party...include it! It's free and a blast!

We took probably 100 photos to get this one below :)!

Here are some more fun photos from our girl's party.

And some of my FAVORITE moments have been with dog sitting this sweet little pug. Troy loves her and she is such a great dog!! He makes forts for her all over the house, takes care of her, helps feed her and brings her out to go potty. And the other kiddos have been amazing with her, too. 

One of the forts :). 

And one of my FAVORITE crafts from this past week has been making these snowflakes below. I found them on Making Home Base. Click HERE for the directions and original snowflakes. 

Here mine are before I spray painted them gold.

Here they are on my wall. I love them! They are so pretty and simple. Such a great craft to do. I would've done a hundred if I hadn't ran out of popsicle sticks :).

Have a splendid day!! 


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