Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tuesday Top 5: Family Fun

Today I'm talking about some fun things we've been up to as a family

Top 5 here we go...

1.) Movie night 
We went to "Big Hero 6." To be honest when we were going to see it I didn't know what to expect. But we ALL loved it! We all laughed. And I teared up a bit. It was a really great movie with a good message. Baymax, the robot below, was so funny. He had a radar when someone got hurt and would go to them and try to help them feel better. He would ask something like "On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your pain?" As a Nurse I ask that question all the time at work. I feel very robotic like Baymax when I ask it so frequently. It made me chuckle a bit. 

My 3 handsome camo men.

I definitely would recommend this movie!! 

2.) Sledding
Last Saturday I took the kiddos sledding in town. We had such a fun time. It was warmer (20 degrees or so) and it was a perfect n' quiet day at the sledding hill. I even went down a couple times and enjoyed it. There was a big bump at the end and Austin would purposely try to position himself to go for it. Such a daring little boy! 

And this happened below! Some friends of ours were going sledding also and we met up. Austin was being such a gentleman. Little friend in pink didn't want to carry her sled up so guess who did?? My big sweet boy! He was looking so big doing that act of kindness. Love it!

3.) Homemade Play dough
I had never made homemade play dough before now. It was simple and wonderful. It was very warm after it was all mixed but once it cooled off a tiny bit it was actually kind of comforting feeling the warm dough. Troy loved it! He has always played with play dough but enjoyed this stuff since I made it. And because it was a large chunk. I didn't add any coloring to it. Do you have any recommendations on that?

I got the recipe from Rachel Cruze on Instagram. By the way, you should follow her! She's Dave Ramsey's daughter and has amazing advice!

4.) Christmas decorations up
It was so much fun decorating this year! More than any other year. A + T were awesome helpers. Austin actually put up most of the ornaments. At one point he told me to help him. Haha! :) THe ornaments are mostly on one side and grouped together. And it's absolutely perfect!!

5.) Buddy the Elf has arrived
 He comes on December 1st every year. He brought a yummy breakfast and the kids devoured it. Austin read the entire letter he wrote our family. It was so precious listening to his sweet voice read it. Such a fun family tradition. 

Have a joyful Tuesday!!!

Jamie :)

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