Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Break 2014

Today it was back to school for Austin. We had such a great time over Christmas break. I was very grateful that I got to be home with them! It was kinda hard and sad to get back into the routine again this morning. But Austin was ready. Troy was still not feeling 100%. 

Over Christmas break the kids had some fun bonding time.  And that sure makes this Mommy's heart happy. I found the boys on my bed like this reading a it!
Be still my heart! :)

We went to see Santa in Duluth before going to see Bentleyville. They were so cute with him! Austin was very serious with him. And he told me (while laughing of course) that Troy told Santa he wanted a bow and gun. Haha! Just like his big brother. 

At the mall, Troy happy as can be by the candy dispensers and his sweet Nanny!

We've never been to the Bentleyville tour of lights before and we were missing out BIG time. 
This place was absolutely beautiful! This kind kind man Nathan Bentley puts it on every year (with much help of course).  It started as him decorating his house which grew and grew and then he changed it to be a walk through tour of lights. Read all about it HERE. There were gorgeous lights, Santa, Mrs. Clause, a free cookie and cocoa house & popcorn stand and also a free marshmallow stand for roasting marshmallows over the bonfires. It was one of the best memories I have over Christmas break with my kids and parents.

This was the best photo I could get of the men. A little blurry but I'll take it :). 

We made & decorated sugar cookie cut outs. One of my favorite family traditions.

We spent Christmas with lots of wonderful family. It was perfect...playing games, eating, loving on each other, laughing and more eating. 

And listen, the week after Christmas I wanted to do something really fun for Austin. But the sickness hit the kids and I. Troy being the sickest of all with fevers and coughing. So, we ended up staying home almost all week. And it was great to rest up. Austin spent a day with my parents for some fun. And Saturday we were feeling better so I took the boys out on a "Mommy + sons date" to Culver's (their choice). It was one of the best times with them! They didn't really want a photo but I managed to get this one :). And Sunday we got to go ice fishing. Perfect ending to Christmas break.

Hope you had a fantastic Christmas with family + friends.

God Bless,
Jamie :)

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