Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Favorites: Healthy + Happy edition

It's been a wonderful week for us and I'm so grateful.

We had a really fun weekday family night at the ice rink and Subway. 

My Mom came over for a slumber party :)!

I got the chance to watch my sweet cousins (who were the flower girls in our wedding) play at their basketball games. They were on fire!! I am so proud of them! 

And today has been an awesome + relaxing day. 

I'm going to share some of my favorite things lately. 

I'm linking up with these sweet ladies:

1.) Monday morning I took this photo. It was a freezing day but the sun was absolutely gorgeous shining so bright. When the sun is out it makes it much easier to tolerate the frigid temps. The temp is going to be a bit warmer this weekend. Yay!

2.) This isn't exactly healthy but very delicious and they make me happy. Have you tried the new "Mega M & M's?" I'll just say that I am a BIG FAN. They are mega delicious ;)! 

And they would be awesome in cookies...just sayin' ;).

3.) I've been taking Juice Plus+ for over 2 weeks now. And honestly, I feel amazing! Definitely having more energy. 

 I was so worried that my 6 year old would not like the vitamins but he did! Taking the vitamins are a highlight of his morning. :) I am excited to see continued healthy effects!

If you want more info you can email me @ I would love to answer any questions you may have. 

Image result for juice plus

Image result for juice plus

4.) I started going on the treadmill every day. I have to use some strategic planning to keep the kiddos occupied :) but it is worth it. Spring & Summer is just around the corner...

5.) These beauties just came in the mail. I love the Young Living "Stress Away" roller and "Peace & Calming." Not only do they smell good but they work.

Have a great Friday!!

Jamie :)

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