Monday, February 16, 2015

Forever changed...

I went bowling this past Valentine's day with my sweethearts! 

And I met one of the kindest Grandmas while there! She was with her Grandson and we were talking about doing the photo booth. We both found out it was $5 and so we said that was kinda pricey. I went back to my family to get coats on to go. 

She came out of the photo booth and I smiled and said
 "You did the photos! How did they turn out?"
smile emotic?"

She smiled and said her grandson didn't smile but that's ok. I told her at least he's in it, that's what counts. That's what I say about my kids.

She then said "I have cancer and I want to do special things with him now." After talking more I find out she has stage 4 lung cancer. I teared up and said that I'm an oncology nurse. After talking I find out that I know of her oncologist. She goes on to say that she teaches Christian preschool and I told her I was a Christian, too. We hugged and both were teary. She gave me $5 and said she wanted me to do the picture booth with my family. I told her I couldn't take her money but she insisted. She told me I can pray for her. I told her I will. 

She's living her life to the fullest blessing others with joy. As a family we left the bowling alley forever changed. 

And she has impacted my life in a huge way! May God bless her. 

And will you say a prayer for her? 

Thank you!


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