Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sweet Baby Shower

I forgot how much fun it is to help throw a baby shower!

It was exciting preparing for the shower by picking up little things here and there.

It was fun thinking about it.

It was fun creating decorations.

And it was super fun deciding on games to play.

It was such a special girl's evening honoring my sweet friend, Jen, and the {very soon} grand debut of baby Nora Grace!!

I'm very excited to hold that beautiful baby girl!

We had it at a local Pizza Pub and it was delicious. My co-host helped so much. She got the cake and it was amazing.

 She had gotten the cutest party favors ever, too!

We played some really fun games...

1.) Baby food guessing game.

 2.) Celebrity baby match up. Did you know that Jason Lee named his child Pilot Inspektor?

And Carrie Underwood just had a baby recently named her son Isaiah! Cute name!

3.) Changing baby doll blind folded and timed!

The last game was hilarious!

 One person could do it in 18 seconds and another did it in the longest amount of time-->50 seconds.

They both got prizes.

The person whom did it in 50 seconds for being so thorough ;).

And loved seeing all those pretty faces!

Jamie :)

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