Friday, March 27, 2015

Worship or Worry?

I was driving in the car after I had dropped Troy off at PreK. I made an appointment with the Audiologist for Troy to have his ears checked. He had his 4 year well child exam 2 weeks ago and didn't cooperate for their hearing test. So, the Doctor (along with I) felt it would be good to get his ears checked. I was feeling so worried: worried that I had possibly missed a potential hearing impairment all 4 years of his life and that it could be the reason for his speech difficulties...


During my worrying I was listening to KTIS (98.5 FM, Christian radio station) and they were talking about during problems that arise do we WORSHIP or WORRY. That spoke directly to me! I was worrying away! At that very moment I could feel God speaking to me...telling me to stop worrying and give it to Him because He can handle it. 

{joyful tears now} 

During the whole time I was worrying I wasn't even giving it to God. It hadn't came across my mind because I was so stuck on worrying and trying to somehow control the situation on my own. {Impossible} God is the very FIRST person I should be turning to. 

The next song that came on the radio was Chris Tomlin's "Whom Shall I Fear (God Of Angel Armies)" and I absolutely love the lyrics as follows:

"I know who goes before me
I know who stands behind

The God of angel armies

Is always by my side"

We are never alone when we have God going before us, behind us and by our side. So refreshing to hear those words in that song and be able to worship. I will choose to WORSHIP instead of worrying about something I have no control over. 

Fast forward to Troy's appointment this past Wednesday. I prayed that it would go smooth regardless of the outcome. My amazing Bible Study group was praying for Troy as well. {I am so grateful for those wonderful ladies!} And I can say that I hadn't worried about that appt. I felt completely at peace.

It started and ended a great morning! Troy was cooperative in repeating the Audiologist's words through the window below with headphones on his ears. He was also cooperative in raising his hand when he heard the birds chirping. And he sure was adorable!! :)

Based on the testing done the Audiologist confirmed that she saw absolutely no problem with his hearing. Praise God! I was so grateful! And extremely proud of my sweet boy for being so goodl!

Here we are after the appointment with Troy's very special Wreck it Ralph sticker that he got :).

The reason I am telling you this personal story is to encourage YOU. If you are in a tough place in your life please choose worship over worry. It is such a relief knowing that we aren't alone and that our almighty God can handle any situation we are struggling with. He is there for you just as He was there for me and continues to be. Choose to worship Him in the midst of struggles. 

Jamie :)

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